Interesting. I might give this a try. 😉

I would be honored to read what you wrote for this. I can't wait to see if it materializes. Your stories are fun to read.

Done. I hope it works.

I think I prefer the FtS format because it allows me to polish the prose a lot more. The word count structure locks everything in place and it's quite hard to backtrack and fiddle with things as you go. Also long sentences are a pain. 😖

But it's a very nice idea and I enjoyed the challenge. Thanks!

Wow....i just read your entry now. The structure of the story was've done a great job. Well done sir!

Sweet! I'm very glad!

I have noticed the same thing that you point out; however, I saw that my sentence construction is a little different than how I would normally write, which was part of the fun.

You drew first blood!

Ha! Same thought I had when I first did it.

Going to read now!

Just saw this. Wonderful idea. If I can get something out (if I can understand the rules!) before close, I will.
Love this sentence
<editing skills are so far below par that earthworms stand above me

You are not only creative, but have an endearing enthusiasm and humility.

Good luck on this initiative.

@agmoore -

have an endearing enthusiasm and humility.

Haha. Thanks. Anything to get the crowd going.

I'm going to try to do this contest frequently. The prizes will depend mostly on my unvotes from curie (I'm fortunate enough to be supported by them on a number of stories).

If the rules don't make sense in some spots, please, point them out so that I can correct them. I since then have more example of what I'm looking for because I've done about three with a shorter sentence count.

I truly hope that I'll get to read a story by you for this contest. That would awesome!!!!

I will reblog and put in my story tomorrow. I just read @gwilberiol's. Wow. He didn't seem hemmed in at all. Another story teller with a great imagination. My story is quite low key by comparison...may put you to sleep :))

OK, I did it. This was a bit of torture. Long sentences!! Oh, no. But, it was also an excellent exercise. Wish I was better in arithmetic, though :)

Compulsion: A Story Written for @tristancarax


Fairly torturous, yes. If you were anything like me, you might have counted the same sentence multiple times in an attempt to find one word to add or subtract - or you delete the whole sentence and start over, having to recount again. haha!

I was wondering how long the sentences could be. I've done up to twenty and have felt like that was too short for somethings going through my head at times.

Oh, @tristancarax. You have no idea. When I did math problems in school, I always understood the concept but got lost in the numbers. In college I was a part-time cashier and not once did my drawer tally--this was before computerized checkout. My inaccuracy was so regular that the supervisors realized I was honest but very inept with numbers. Still, they wanted me to stay :)) So...yes a challenge :))
I hope your contest takes off. Even if we don't enjoy writing long sentences, it's good to take a different view of writing. Kind of turns it inside out.
Good luck with this!

I've never fared too well when it comes to math problems disguised by sentences. If you did x, and x was y amount of yeards away, how long would it take j to caught up ... <--- I have not clue. Just the facts! haha

I'm happy to read that your employers noticed your "disability" and worked with you. 8-)

It is a weird challenge because it is really tough to go back and fix mistakes without being able to move whole sentences around.