Haiku Contest of Contests - For Prizes!

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Haiku Again!!!

Thanks to your HAIKU ALL-STARS @bananamemos, @felixgarciap, @f3nix, and @onefatindian, this contest will give 3.4 SBDs in total prizes! If you have 30 seconds to write a haiku, you might get some of those SBDs!

@boxcarblue let's do it! @creatr where you been???

Read below for more about the contest instructions, how to participate, awards, and how I'll select a winner.

Contest Instructions

Write a haiku about feet. You can write as many haikus as you want as long as they're about feet! Use previous haikus, if you have any!

This must be a one-stanza, traditional 5-7-5 haiku like the ones described here: http://www.kidzone.ws/poetry/haiku.htm . Here’s an example:

Tip tapping my toes.

Hip hopping all around.

Dancing, happy feet!

You may submit multiple haikus, but you need to make each haiku its own reply. Each one will be considered a separate entry.

This theme comes from @tygertyger -- sounds like she's had some really tough luck! Send her some love!

How to Participate

  1. Reply below with your haiku. Deadine: 11:59 pm UTC, October 1, 2018.
  2. Upvote this post. Deadline: 11:59 pm UTC, October 1, 2018.

That's it! But...

You should also resteem this post to increase the winner's prize and give yourself some free exposure! You can participate without resteeming -- I don't give preference -- but if you do resteem, it only helps you.

Also, post your entry on your own blog! Mention @vdux and I'll give you an upvote and resteem your post.

And, collect a bonus point for each person you tag in your contest entry. More players, more prizes, more fun!


Winner gets:

  • 1.5 SBD
  • One free resteem from me for any of the winner's posts. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

One runner-up gets:

  • 1 SBDs
  • One free resteem from me for any of the winner's posts. (You choose the post. There's no time limit but I reserve the right to refuse to resteem any post I consider offensive or indecent -- I'll simply ask you for a different, non-offensive post.)

I'll give out the other .9 SBDs to people who enter the contest. Who will get what? Haven't decided yet...maybe all will get something??? Maybe all .9 will go to one winner? Hmmm...

How I Will Select the Winner

Within 2 days after the deadline, I will read all entries and choose a winner based on whose entry I like best.

Shout out to all who've participated in my previous contests:

@tristancarax, @jenel, @giddyupngo, @chrislyr, @mineopoly, @puppetmaster1111, @calluna, @yidneth, @creatr, @acousticsteveo, @blackant, @rlt47, @viking-ventures, @steemotion, @foxfiction, @lologirl, @creyestxsa94, @yahialababidi, @jadams2k18, @doughtaker, @ladyrai, @impending.doom, @andysantics48, @felixgarciap, @godstimetim, @gamsam, @antorchajohnny, @aniketmore1925, @mameh, @tygertyger, @kaelci, @felicitas, @ayyeenn, @dmilliz, @eprolific, @jvanman, @kimberlylane, @phoenixwren, @liverussian, @herbertholmes, @dizzyjay, @emdesan, @markeverlasting, @shawnsporter, @operahoser, @eaglespirit, @tomset, @millennialnow, @preparedwombat, @apeximomen, @melissakellie, @freedomno1, @moneyinfant, @mermaidvampire, @mysearchisover, @yahialababidi, @givonwayne, @pinkgeek, @boxcarblue, @ablaze, @hope-k, @rexdickson, @crescendoofpeace, @digitokash, @theunlimited, @theodora87, @mysecondself01, @pocketmouse, @jacksondavies, @ohkaaay, @lazarus-wist, @dbooster, @janesmy081316, @dc420la, @redheadpei, @whitelite, @olymar248, @nenad-ristic, @trudeehunter, @bananamemos, @iswaldsmoak, @josoft, @onefatindian, @pedroelec, @offgridlife, @daisyphotography, @chadrona, @hazem91, @celsius100, @emergehealthier, @ralk98, @fromage, @four20, @amayphin, @mother2chicks, @jackofcrows, @trumanity, @barge, @evlachsblog, @natepower, @elbrujo, @neenarose, @beatking13, @snowyknight, @alom8, @sidequest, @oclinton, @sarez, @f3nix, @jurich60, @artofwisdom, @zephalexia, @letalis-laetitia, @rentmoney, @olivia08, @myd77, @moofang, @dirge, @cinderz, @moncia90, @rdsmas, @theironfelix




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We have dancing shoes
And the music calls 'ur souls
But we have no feet


A ghost? Nicely done!



Something from Passenger's Brick Wall triggered it

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If my feet only

could answer me in peril

and not be lamed now

Witches on the deck, the HF20 RC sys finally is lenient on posting. Yay! Anyways, here be me submission: Feet for this contest.

Nice turn of phrase in the last line. Thank you for your entry!


Link: https://steemit.com/haiku/@redheadpei/haiku-time-feet. U&R

Broken foot, one time.
Walk slow with cast and crutch.
Don’t tickle my toe!

My feet carry me
Many miles many feet
What a splendid feat

The longest journey begins with a single step!

Wait vdux where is cheetah?
I think someone else coined that phrase (lol)

I will discuss my contest idea with you later, it was going to involve the misplaced people from dLive I was hoping to get them to create video to go with the haiku and the best wins, but I think they have all scattered to other platforms. I have a few other contest ideas which I would be honored if you would not mind being a judge, I am still figuring out how I want to set it up.
thank you sir

Cheetah got tired of me. Sigh.

Yea buddy hit me up when you got your ideas worked out!

My entry @vdux

My livelihood

by @felixgarciap
I look at my feet ....
They have been my livelihood!
How much I love them.


Great take on the theme! "My feet is my only carriage"

Swept above the ground
My feet dancing on the sky
No rules in pogo.

OOOOHHHH! Clever! Welcome to the haiku contest!

Thank you and well met
Always looking for challenge
My feet don't agree

Not what it looks like
It just came out in haiku
No second entry

Ha! A pleasure.

The pleasure is mine
I do hope we meet again
I will be watching

@acousticsteveo wrote this:

Pisces rules the feet
Where we are grounded to earth
Stepping into life.


My entry:

Don't tickle my feet.
Try once, sorry for the kick.



Dance lessons I had,
Twinkletoes I'm not, because
two left feet, I got!


Ha! Nice one.

Thanks, I was inspired by Fred Flintstone!

Ten toes down. All in.
Feet don't fail me, I'm ballin'.
Stand tall and don't fall.


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Great! Did you draw that?

Thank you! I did draw the feet. (^_^)

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A musician and an artist!

Thank YOU for the support here are mine


Image Credit

Haiku 1- EW!

put your shoes outside
they smell like death warmed over
and wash your feet please


Haiku 2-Middle Earth

wow what hairy feet
covered in brown goat like curls
must be a hobbit

So good! Shoes will go outside from now on.

Blessed with two feet
I go far off to convey
Joy to those in grief.

What a lovely sentiment. Thank you!

Give me 50 feet.
I'm in need of space to breathe.
You're too close to me.


Ah clever use of the theme. Nice haiku, too. Good to see you again!

Yea, I figured if I'm going to do 2 haiku, I needed to make em different. (^_^)

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My entry:

My Feet

Photographer's feet
Steps any space even ditch,
Capturing, the specs.


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  My feet is small but 

terrible,wide flat with tiny toes
too long I can walk

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Good thoughts, can you rewrite to fit the traditional haiku format? 5 syllable first line, 7 syllable next line, 5 syllable third line?

I'll delete "wide flat" and accept this one. Thank you!!!

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Thank you!!!

just kiss and see
Asleep you will not be, nor can you
the pleasure will give

Hi! Thank you for your haiku. Can you use the contest theme, "feet," and format your haiku in the traditional 5 syllable first line, 7 syllable next line, 5 syllable third line.