The Daily Contest: Steem Mascot (THREE 100% VOTES UP FOR GRABS)

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Hey everyone,

How is your day going?

So how about those markets :p. Yes they are not pretty but there is a lot of great stuff coming to steem and crypto so lets not get panicked.Instead lets continue to grow this great community.

But a community needs a mascot. In the comments please post a picture of what you think the steem mascot should look like. It can be done with a pencil or a computer or even a photo or a toy if you want. Do not fret if you do not think you are an artist this is for fun. And leave your @ on the photo so I know it is original.

As always I will pick three winners and a few runner-ups. And please resteem, resteem, resteem (and tweet if you can)

Go team

alien-2023873_1280 (1).png



here is what the steem mascot look like according to my thoughts. :D

Hello. Hope you enjoy.

But we might want to flip him around so the bottom looks like a tail :p

I just created two, with the help of a mobile app, i hope you like it, even if it is more like logo.



The bottom bird is a cool logo/mascot


Okay so its really a concept for a game I'm making that utilizes the STEEM blockchain. BUT cross over would be fun.

Original post

This is pretty incredible digital art!!

Thanks! I'm still working on the "look" for the game but I did enjoy how he came out.

lol it reminds of claptrap from Borderlands. It would make a great mascot.

Hey! Yeah it does now that you say that. I think its the eyes... I was looking for inspiration from Batteries not Included.

Try to reflect all members of the eco-system in the pet, I am in the tail part hahaha (for now)

I like it, big upvote for you.


This is my SteemPet

Hi! This is my SteemPet :)

This is my entrance ... Falling in love with the mascot: Steemblue ...



how about a pretty face?
How is everyone doing?
I hope the market is not too red?

I'm doing well thanks



That's my creativity vast is best useless placitck bottle use as a bangle storage.