The Deadpost Initiative - Week 14 - Share your most undervalued work + week 13 winners ($10 STEEM prize pool) - Let's go Trending this week to get a huge prize pool next week!

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What is the Deadpost Intitiative?

The Deadpost Initiative is an attempt to give love to some posts that were overlooked during their short 7 day life span, a chance to bring your old posts back to life and maybe make some friends in the process. The goal is not only to share some love with SBD but also by engagement to generate discussion.

Last week

This week was a week of photography. We had two winners in the category, a category we don't get very much of, so it was a nice change. We also had a nice life experience and time travel!

Let's make this the week that The Deadpost Initiative goes Trending! Resteem! Tell your friends! Tell your whales! I want to give away much more Steem than this!!!

Let's get to it.

Last Week's Winners

@eaglespirit - $ 2.5 STEEM prize

@eaglespirit shows her home in Colorodo and I swear that last picture came straight out of a dream. America sure has some nice nature that I missed out on in the city.

Colorado Lake and Spout

@ohicklin - $ 2.5 STEEM prize

@ohicklin shows off Yosemite, a park that everyone knows. I remember going there when I was a kid but it was so long ago it's all blurry memories. This post takes me back :-D

YOSEMITE - One of the Greatest Nature Shows on Earth

@sighmanjestah - $ 2.5 STEEM prize

@sighmanjestah shares a very romantic story that he was witness to or perhaps even curated unknowingly. This was pretty fun, sweet even.

"Hey, That Reminds Me Of A Story" #1 Inaugural "Increasing Friends"

@steemmeupscotty - $ 2.5 STEEM prize

@steemmeupscotty, with his wonderful username, shows us that time travel does exist, and he managed to figure out one particular person who has gone travelling in time. Check it out!

Time travelling selfie dude at early Beatles concert!

Week 14

pexels-photo-116909 (1).jpg

Share your best Deadpost in the comments!

The best posts will be rewarded with half of the payout from this post (or a minimum of $10 SBD or STEEM, split between winners) and will be featured in a future post.


•Please only submit 1 post.
•Posts must have a payout of less than $5.
•Posts must be at least one month old.
•I recommend you don't enter the same post twice in the same month if you didn't win the first time.
•Vote for 1-3 post by others. Please share WHY you liked their posts. If you don't vote for someone else's post by commenting you will not be eligible to win.
•Winners will be chosen based on how original, creative, informative and well written their posts are, as well as how well received they are in the comments. I will use the quality of comments as the main factor in judging who wins.
•There will be a slight bias towards smaller accounts but large accounts are welcome to join and compete or join just for fun and to share their old work.
•There may also be prizes for stellar comments and engagement.
•There will be 2 or more winners depending on how big the payout for this post is and depending on how many quality posts are entered into the contest.

  • Please upvote generously on your favorite post in the comments below, we'd like to generate a sense much support as possible for all participants and the prize pool is still growing.

Upvote and resteem to help us raise our reward pool! And remember to comment and upvote on comments in this post please to show support for deadposts! :-)

The prize pool will be half of the post payout or at least $10
I'm still looking for SP delegation to offer some payout on all submissions. If you can help, please let me know :-)

This is not merely a contest, this is an opportunity to have your material read and an opportunity for us to really discuss each other's posts.


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