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for example here in venezuela

It's really amazing for the
people who are not from here, understand that for "ALL" you have to make a line, go to a bank and wait in line, in a pharmacy you line up, to a supermarket and there is a queue, you go to pee in a service station on any road and there you also have to queue, however the saddest thing is that even to bury a loved one in the cemeteries and chapels, there is also a line.

The transit through a street of any city or town in our country in these times, makes us immediately think of the amount of health problems that may be suffering the Venezuelan, that Venezuelan on foot, which has no "truckloads" armored, no planes to go to market to Curacao or Aruba; inevitably we fall in that our mental, physical and emotional health is being affected, we see how pathologies of all kinds are re-emerging, even diseases that were already eradicated for decades; Everything is reflected in the workplace, social, family and you notice that they are affecting our daily life, day to day as some would say.

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Didn't Maduro say that everything is going well?

no friend nothing to see, this country is currently going backwards. The Services are worse every day and food is not available. There is very little Food. To be able to buy it you have to make queues of more than 6 hours of waiting, and when we get to buy the product is expensive

I was being sarcastic. My "</sarcasm>" tag was interpreted as HTML and masked. :-(

As for you and your countrymen, I do feel for you. The pictures remind me of the Soviet Union and we know how well that worked out. At least, the USSR had some semblance of medical care. Maduro is very dangerous precisely because he's incompetent. He seems to have taken Lenin's saying "the printing press is the weapon of the masses" too seriously. Venezuela is undergoing a hyperinflation. The blowback has come in the form of lost support, especially from the military. If enough soldiers face deprivation, they will mutiny. At best, the government will fall. At worst, it will trigger a civil war.

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