Win SBD Forever - Just comment! - Multilingual Weekly Contest #5

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I'm happy to announce the fifth edition of #SBDforever contest!

But before I introduce the theme, it is time to reveal the winners for the fourth one! I was happy to receive the entries of @pretty.dorky, @ulqu3, @cobran, @muftii, @mafaldation, and @aphoursI

The TV series I've been watching is La Casa de Papel, a group of people that decide to rob a bank. Everybody talks about it so I thought someone would guess, but... No one did. So I just took chances on it!

Now for the prize!

The list randomizer delivered this list:

Captura de ecrã 2018-04-16, às 00.19.38.png

@ulqu3 choosed to upvote my post with 25% instead of 100% like everyone else. Which is a sad and not very nice gesture towards me and his fellow contestants. I don't feel well promoting this kind of behaviour in my blog so I decided not to give @ulqu3 the prize.

As such, the winner is... @aphours, that complied with all the rules and was kind to his fellow contestants. He also made a very nice comment that made me want to start seeing Gotham!

You'll will receive the SBI share in a few days. Just check this spreadsheet if you're wondering if everything is alright.

Didn't win? No problem, just try again! Because here is...

...SBD Forever Round #5!

Here's this week's question:

Which is your favourite movie?

What does this movie bring to you? Do you remember watching it for the first time? Why do you enjoy it?

One of my favourite movies is definitely The Shining from Stanley Kubrik! From the story itself (from Stephen King), to the astonishing performance of Jack Nicholson, and the way Kubrik used the cameras... It comes out as one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Source: The Guardian. Photograph: Ronald Grant

Best comment will win 1 Steem Basic Income share (worth 1 Steem), which means SBD FOREVER! That's right, no jokes:

You get a weekly income FOREVER. You just need to keep posting and you'll get the same amount in upvotes regardless of how many posts you make per week. The system just looks for your posting frequency and adjusts the income automatically. Seems impossible to maintain? Do you want to look at their maths? Here they are!

Some rules

  1. Upvote this post with 100%. The payout will help me with the cost of the share.
  2. Resteem this post, for the same reasons!
  3. Follow me if you enjoy my posts.
  4. Post ONE comment below with your entry
  5. Feel free to write in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French.
  6. If you already have a SBI share feel free to participate as well, since you can have many shares and get double income.
  7. The deadline for submissions is next Monday, 23 April, at 11am UTC. I'll announce the winners, if possible, that same day.

Ready... Set... Go!


Seriously? I won?! I don't believe!!! Yahuuu...! Good, thanks men for contest. It's really EASY...Good look people.

@cobran you didn't win, you were last on the list randomizer... @ulqu3 was supposed to win but he was disqualified. @aphours was second so he won.

But go and make an entry, maybe you win this time!

@zpedro How/why was I disqualified this time? I upvoted and resteemed -_-
Seems Everytime a new rule dqs me. Sigh

@ulqu3 choosed to upvote my post with 25% instead of 100% like everyone else. Which is a sad and not very nice gesture towards me and his fellow contestants. I don't feel well promoting this kind of behaviour in my blog so I decided not to give @ulqu3 the prize

@zpedro You didn't say anything about 100% upvote. So technically I didn't break any rule.
Also at the time my 100% vote wasn't worth 1cent so there was no point using up the VP.
It's your competition to run as you see fit, but to be honest that was a bit bias/petty on your part.


ulq3 is correct, the up vote percentage is not stated in your rules. If he won get him his loot.

  • My favorite movie is **The Matrix**
  • When I saw it for the first time I loved the special effects and the Philosophy in some of the movie character dialogues.
  • I really enjoyed it when I saw it back in 1998, I watched it three days in a row in the local Movie Theater
  • There are so many fantastic movies out there that it really is hard to nominate a favourite.

    Instead I'll go with a movie which I cannot help watching whenever it's on TV

    Remember The Titans is brilliant. I remember the first time I watched it, my then Girlfriend was working in a video store and she was able to get me a great deal on a bunch of ex-rental titles and this was among them.

    I won't spoil the plot, but it's a High School football story with a strong social message and is based on a true story.

    The cast is pretty impressive too. Denzel Washington plays the lead role, and there's a raft of early appearances from some well known names like Ryan Gosling, Don Faison, Ryan Hurst, Kate Bosworth, Hayden Panettiere to name a few.

    My favourite movie is Black Panther
    I remember seeing the trailer for the first time and i couldnt wait to watch the full movie. Yes i finally saw the movie at silverbird cinema in Lagos, Nigeria. And it was amazing and mind blowing!!! unnamed.jpg image source
    It's a movie about the returns home of T'Challa as king of Wakanda but finds his throne challenged by a new adversary, in a conflict with global consequences.
    OMG!! I love this movie like crazy, ive watched over 5 times and i will still watch it again... My favourite part is when T'chala was presumed dead and his mum and sisters later found him .. Wow, that moment was priceless !
    I also love the movie because it displays the African heritage, and tells our story .. #wakandaforever !!

    My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption the argument of the movie is amazing, and having a young Morgan Freeman both participating narrating the movie makes it one of the best movies ever made! I've seen this movie at least 5 times already!

    I love morgan freeman

    If you haven't already, seek out the book that it's based on. It's a very good read.

    Really? . I will.. Thanks man

    My favourite movie of all time is.....

    The theme tune is so powerful and uplifting and the set, how they change the time lines and Male it look 1950’s then 2015 and back to the 80’s its fantastic. I know the scrip almost inside out.
    I can’t flip through the tv channels if that movie is on I must watch it.
    On Oct 21st 2015 ( the day Marty travelled to future in part II) our local cinema put all three movies back to back, it was the longest 6 hours of my life. My jaw ached from all the popcorn and my butt cheeks were numb. But I would do it all again. If only I had a time machine lol

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    I'll have to go with Terminator II.
    I went to see it in the theater when it came out....thats's ages ago (I'm starting to feel old just writing this)

    I like the way that the grim future is portrayed. Machines taking over has and always will be a plausible theme.
    And for that time, it had some pretty amazing special effects, especially the scenes with the T-1000 in it.

    O meu filme favorito foi sem dúvida o "Mr. Nobody". Este filme mostra todas as possibilidades da vida, que o Mr. Nobody (Nemo) podia vir a ter dependendo das escolhas que pudesse fazer, como cada decisão dele pode influenciar o seu destino.
    Faz-nos refletir na nossa vida, o que é certo e o que é errado? A parte que mais me emocionou foi quando, ainda pequenino, a mãe lhe perguntou à porta do comboio: "Então Nemo, já tomaste a tua decisão? Queres vir comigo ou queres ficar com o teu pai?"
    Foi um momento muito intenso, que afeta toda a vida do Nemo. Revi-me nessa situação, no entanto tenho a certeza que fiz a escolha certa e a minha vida teria sido o caos se tivesse feito outra escolha. Há pessoas que não têm essa sorte... e às vezes ter que escolher dói muito.

    Nice beautiful

    Bummer, I just finished watching La Casa de Papel, great serie. Steemian @lazybird brought it to my attention.

    The most inspirational movie would be 'Dead poet society', but best movie overall I have to go with:



    It is old I know, but the music, the scenes, the story, the acting, everything. No matter how often I watch that movie it pulls me in from the very first minute.

    It lacks guns and special effects, but there is a story to tell. I am easily bored when a chase continues for more than 30 seconds :)

    For those who watch(ed) Homeland, yep Avigdor is played by 'Saul'.