Winner and Next Round Announcement - Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest

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Source: CBS

Welcome to the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest!

This post will be both a Winner Announcement post and an invitation to participate in the next round of the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest which starts NOW.


Last night's season premier of Survivor: David Vs. Goliath started off with a bang, with the David's winning the first Reward Challenge, but then losing the first Immunity Challenge. Then out of nowhere Pat Cusack had a bit of a freak accident on a boat and had to be medevaced off the beach. While there was no vote, Pat Cusack became the first to leave the island!

Source: CBS

Tough way to go, and could be a first: I don't ever remember a Medevac coming on the very first episode of the season. Thankfully, the post credit scene mentions he was treated and has made a complete recovery. Still, Pat has joined the dreaded First To Leave Survivor Club!

@steven-patrick correctly guessed that Pat Cusack would be the first to go, nice job @steven-patrick! You would have won all the Steem generated from last week's Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest post, but (maybe?) because of HF20, I'm being paid out in SBD which is worth a bit more than Steem these days, so a bit of a bonus! You win 0.309 SBD plus one SBI share courtesy of contest sponsor @freedomshift. Congratulations!


This post also announces the next round for next week's Survivor episode. If you're new, the object of the weekly contest is very simple: you win if you guess who will be voted off the island next!



  1. Guess who will be voted out next on the coming episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath from the list of the 19 remaining contestants below and leave your guess in the comments section of this post, below.
  2. There is no #2, that's it! If you guess correctly, you win!
  3. Trash talking other Steemian's choices highly encouraged!


The winner will receive (in order of importance):

  • Bragging rights immortalized forever on the blockchains
  • PLUS - the total amount of Steem (or SBD) generated from this post
  • AND - one Steem Basic Income (SBI) share provided by contest sponsor @freedomshift through his #ccc initiative (see below for more info on #ccc).
  • Additional prizes may be added if we pick up sponsorships along the way.


Set in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, the next episode of Survivor David vs. Goliath will air 8pm on Wednesday, October 3rd at 8pm. The deadline for this week's contest is:

8am EST on Wednesday October 3rd.

At that point I will lock your choices. A winner announcement post will follow.


Pick the contestant you think will be voted out first from the following two tribes:

David Tribe

Source: CBS

David Tribe members are - back row, left to right - Elizabeth Olson, Carl Boudreaux, Nick Wilson, Davie Rickenbacker, Pat Cusack (but don't pick him, he's out). And front row, left to right: Bi Nguyen, Lyrsa Torres, Jessica Peet, Gabby Pascuzzi, Christian Hubicki.

Goliath Tribe

Source: CBS

Goliath Tribe members are - back row, from left to right - Jeremy Crawford, Alec Merlino, Alison Raybould, John Hennigan, Dan Rengering. And front row, from left to right: Mike White, Natalie Cole, Kara Kay, Natalia Azoqa, Angelina Keeley


  • If more than one Survivor contestant is voted off on this episode, that means you have more than one chance to win!
  • If it's a medical evacuation like we saw today, I will treat it as if the person has been voted off.
  • If more than one Steemian guesses correctly, the Steem Prize will be evenly split, but the @freedomshift #ccc SBI share will go to the first one to correctly guess which contestant is voted off in the coming episode.
  • In the case NO ONE correctly guesses this week, the Steem earned in this post will be saved up and added to the pool for the next Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest.


From @freedomshift: This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed Daily Income and Payout for Newbies (2.0) in #ccc and Follow the Honor Code - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
the latest update <<< please click to read.

As you can see, @freedomshift has kindly offered to contribute 1 SBI share towards the Weekly Steemit Survivor Contest. He does this all the time through #ccc, please go check him out and consider joining the #ccc initiative! Thank you @freedomshift!


This is mostly for fun and because I'm a huge Survivor fan! I don't expect the post payouts to be large, but I'll do everything I can think of to increase the upvotes!

Great job @steven-patrick! So long Pat Cusack, we hardly knew you!

Who is the next to go? Leave your guess in the comments below!

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I think Natalie Cole will be the next to go.

She's definitely ruffling some feathers. I don't think the David's are going to be able to win immunity though. We'll see!

That's my pick too, noted!!

Thanks @eoj! for awesome contest. Now as the ruling Victor of round one
Lyrsa Torres will be the next to leave.

Defending champion @steven-patrick, your guess is noted! And you were the first to guess Lyrsa!


Sorry for the delay.

6d696db3 Freedomshift
freedomshift transfer 1 STEEM to steembasicincome @steven-patrick

I'm sticking with Lyrsa Torres, although @pbock has a good point PLUS his pick is from the team that hasn't lost a member yet. I don't know if they try to keep the numbers even on both sides or not.

Your vote for Lyrsa is noted!

Hi there @eoj, thanks for this contest, and thanks for the  👊 No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required! support of the @ContestKings 🦁 guild's whitelist policy. I don't actually follow the Survivor series on television at all, but I do want to support those who support the whitelist policy, so here is my entry in your contest. My guess is...

John Hennigan

I can't say why, having never watched the show, but I'm following @happyme's advice that the Goliath Tribe apparently "hasn't lost a member yet", so that sounds like a good reason to vote for one of them, and I just chose John at random out of the lineup. All the best for your contest, and to all the entrants here.

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Great! Thanks so much for stopping by @trisquelwhare and welcome to the contest! Your vote for John Hennigan is noted!

I'm guessing Lyrsa Torres is the one

Another vote for Lyrsa, noted! And welcome to the contest @annycor!!

I would say based on my judgment from the preview on the next episode, Goliath tribe still going to win on the next challenge. So Im going to pick between Lyrsa Maria and Nick Wilson from David tribe. I think they will get rid of Nick Wilson next. (Fingers crossed)

Love watching survivor with you @eoj <3 <3

Noted, a second guess for Nick! Looking forward to watching with you in a few days! :)

I will still go with Gabby Pascuzzi :)

Okay! I've noted your guess for Gabby! Although, I hope you're not right, she was my pick to win! :)

I say mike white... that " can't we all just get along " tshirt is either a sign he won't be very ruthless or a disguise to fool the David's.

By his face I don't think he's a conniving monster manipulator so ill go with theory #1

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Noted! I think Mike might be in real trouble...he looked for the idol way too early, rookie mistake!

Since so many people are picking Lyrsa, I'm going to switch it up and say Nick Wilson is next.

I'm thinking Natalie is next if the Goliath tribe goes to tribal, but I think they'll keep winning immunity until Jeff tells everyone to drop their buffs.

Noted! Nick is also making the rookie mistake of being noticeably lazy around camp!

I tend to agree that the Goliaths will keep winning...unless a puzzle is involved, then the Davids will have a real shot with Christian's brain power!

I'm going to go for Angelina Keeley to be voted off just to be different. She's not my first choice but I have a feeling she will ruffle a lot of feathers soon

Okay, one vote for Angelina, got it @the-witty-waiter!

I'm going for Natalie Cole as well. This assumes of course the Goliaths lose, which they may do if there's a puzzle involved. If so, the Davids secret weapon, Christian, will lead them to victory! I assume the Goliaths will want to "stay strong" as a tribe and will vote Natalie out!

I am going to go with Nick Wilson ...

Hmmm no-one won the boobie prize .... I can't have that so if your pick goes out this week then you win the boobie prize. Same rules as previously mentioned Max 5 winners.

Your vote for Nick is noted!

And thanks so much for extending the boobie prize! If you're right and Nick goes, that'll trigger a four boobie prize winners!

You know what they say about boobie ( prizes ) . Four is better then two .. ..

  • Good luck to eveyone this week

Lyrsa Torres.

Hi @celinavisaez! Your vote for Lyrsa Torres is noted, welcome to the contest!!

Gracias estare, pendiente, un abrazo @eoj

Thanks to all the participants - @celinavisaez, @rentmoney, @the-witty-waiter, @trisquelwhare, @annycor, @gabrielatravels, @suitcasemama, @fronttowardenemy, @doctorcrypto, @happyme, @steven-patrick, and @pbock - your guesses are now LOCKED!

Good luck all!

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