Get ready for even more contests, events and prizes!

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Here @contests you will find a regularly updated list of all the current contests and giveaways that are sponsored by whaleshares.

We will be resteeming all of the contests to make sure you get them in your feed right away

There's currently over $300 worth of whaleshare votes being rewarded every single week!

Check out the following users who are being sponsored by whaleshares!
@akrid, @krazykrista, @freedomexists, @jasonrussell, @nikflossus, @thatindianlady, @xyzashu, @sirsensei, @nepd, @lost108, @paulag, @michaelcj

We will begin hosting even more contests from this account very soon!

We may even award some hairshare and beyondbit!

If you don't know what whaleshares are, head over to their discord and find out.

A bitshares/openledger account is necessary to win.
Sign up for your free account here

Thank you @officialfuzzy and @blocktrades for making it all possible

This is a community account with a share posting key.
Please report any and all abuse to @akrid


Whaleshares are the best.
Looking forward to some more variety!