giving away an Ethereum Charging Bull high-gloss panel, valued at 1.5 ETH!

in #contests3 years ago

Giving away one of these beautiful Ethereum artworks from Lynx Art Collection!

DezXvhPXkAA1gdF.jpg large.jpeg

To enter, simply follow this Twitter link:

  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Retweet the linked tweet
  3. Comment the tweet

That's it! We'll draw a random winner in the coming days!!

To find out more about this artwork, or to grab a print or panel for yourself (limited to only 5), check out:


I entered this contest as well! These prizes are good enough to stand on their own I doubt you need any bots to promote these!

By the way, how much is it to make a new design? The coin I'm committed to is kinda under the radar so there is nothing out there for it except a few shirts. It would be an honor to see what you can make for it

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