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FIRST DRAWS WINNER PICKED! Thanks everyone for making my first contest a success! Prizes should be completed by payout!!

COMMENT and UPVOTE to participate in the 2nd draw happening soon!
Scroll down for the original contest post after the winners draw to find out more!!

FIRST DRAW WAS HELD AT 4:20am, Sunday Sept 29 UTC.
I'D LIKE TO CONGRATULATE THE WINNER @philippekiene with this comment: How @philippekiene started with crypto


{I used https://pick.esteem.ws/ and drew random winner until we had a qualified winner - proofs here}


Thanks to everyone who participates!!

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Image made by me

Hello dear friends and new faces, I hope today will be your lucky day!

I've decided to start a mini-contest series to spread a little positive energy through the blockchain and charge up my good karma to hopefully bring me some luck and prosperity!

Don't worry, this is all good news for you too, loyal readers ;)

I'd love to share some prosperity with you!
This is something I might do every 2 weeks or so if there is enough support and entries :)

How this Works

I will pick a theme for discussion, ask a question for you to answer in the comments, and when this post is 5 days/120 hours old I will pick a winner from the comments with a random comment picker.

Upvote and resteem is NOT required for the draw or to win @steem-bounty rewards

I will also draw another winner when the post pays out in 7 days to win a secondary prize, and in order to qualify for that draw you will need to have a valid comment posted before payout as well as upvoted the post. You will get an additional entry into the second draw if you have also resteemed this post.

~ ~ •°• »« •°• ~ ~ |{♫}| ~ ~ •°• »« •°• ~ ~

What you need to do

First Winner
  • Engage with me in the comments about the topic of discussion, don't forget to answer the question - there are no right or wrong answers!
    • You have 5 days to get your comments in. I will edit this post when the deadline is up and also have a countdown running on SteemPeak
  • Only 1 main comment per person, please! That means only replying to the post once, but sub-comments, which are replies to reply comments, are totally OK though!
  • Upvote and resteem not required but very much appreciated as it will help to fund more of these contests!

~ ~ •°• »« •°• ~ ~

To qualify for the 2nd draw on post payout:

  • Engage with a quality comment; if you've already replied to this post then that comment qualifies - remember only one main comment per person (but you can reply to as many comments as you like - engaging is the best way to network and grow your account!)
  • You must have upvoted this post to qualify for the second draw.
  • You can get an additional entry into the second draw if you've also resteemed this post.

So, if you comment, upvote and resteem all within the first 5 days (120 hours) then you are good to go for both draws and only need to come back to check if you've won!

I will mention all winners of the first draw in a comment on this post, as well as edit the post and reply to the winner's comments.

Since the second draw will be made after the post pays out, I will make a Winner's Announcement post!

(steemworld.org/@yourusername has a 'mentions' page where you can check for any mentions, there is also Ginabot on Discord that you can set up to alert you about mentions too!)

If you've come to this post late, you can still qualify for the second draw after the 5th day if you follow the above guidelines.



1st Draw
  • 2 SBI Units
    + 1 SBI unit you can sponsor to anyone else
    You will receive 3 Units total, I will pay for the 1 you sponsor to someone in your name.
    + 1 Liquid STEEM
    • The largest portion of the Steem-Bounty STEEM payout (which will be paid out by @steem-bounty when the posts rewards payout)

2nd Draw You must have a comment and an upvote on this post to qualify for Draw 2
  • 4 SBI Units
    + 1 SBI unit you can sponsor to anyone else
    You will receive 5 Units total, I will pay for the 1 you sponsor to someone in your name.
  • 100 DEC tokens (Dark Energy Crystals)
  • 75 SP delegation for 2 weeks (if you have less than 5000 natural SP)
    A resteem of this post will give you a 2nd entry for this draw!
All Qualifying Entries

All qualifying entries for either draw received before the post payout will win a portion of the @steem-bounty on this post.

~ ~ •°• »« •°• ~ ~

So, let's begin!

This Week's Topic: - What do you do with your crypto?
 It took me about 3 months doing tons of different faucets all day everyday before I accumulated a substantial amount of Crypto to be able to do anything substantial with it.

 The first thing I did was play a crypto micro-casino.  This is a casino that deals only with crypto and has a few different games to play. 
I was not a fan of the 'dice sites' that focus solely on the dice game where you have to decide if you'll roll a number higher or lower than a target.. To me that was boring! I like games with more strategy and choices involved, like Blackjack is one of my favorite card games and I like casinos that have different BJ varieties.

     Then I started using crypto exchanges, not for arbitrage, but since I was focusing on collecting a few select coins only, when playing faucets sometimes I'd accumulate coins I didn't really have the collection built up for, so I'd trade them in for the ones I was growing a stockpile of!

    Once I sold $60 worth of BTC on [Paxful](https://paxful.com) via e-transfer - it was all collected from faucets so it was all a complete profit!  $60 may not sound like a whole lot, considering it took awhile to accumulate that amount of BTC, but $60 is quite a large amount for me especially making that kind of money totally free!

Now it's your turn! Please elaborate on your answers and use my above example as a guide; one sentence answers won't be able to win the draw(s) nor qualify for the bounty rewards!

You can use the template below! Questions in the brackets '(())' are just ideas to help you make a qualifying answer:

How do you spend your crypto?
  • (( What are your main sources of acquiring your crypto? Or How did you first get started with crypto? Do you have big plans and currently HODL it all or do you use it on a daily basis?
    If STEEM was your first introduction to crypto and you're still new, that's fine, just tell me what you do with it or what you plan to do!
    Anything else you can thing of on-topic, the more the better!))
  • If you win, who is the STEEM user you'd like to sponsor 1 SBI unit to?
    (( @steemusername of the person sponsored in your name ))

Remember, you have until Saturday, Sept 28th @ 9pm UTC time

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

Upvotes and Resteems not necessary to win the first draw or the bounty rewards, but the more support and entries received, the more of these contests I can run in the future!

You can also show support by making a qualifying entry for the contest ;)

Good luck to all and thank you for playing!

💋 «[Kharma♪Scribbles]» 💋


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Goodmorning the topic of this week is what do you do with your crypto ?
well i am here for the long run and hope to give the account to the boys when they are 18 i never Powered down nor is there an intention to, crypto is the future and steem will be a part of theirs this way, in the mean time i build a library of life blogs and they ave a libraruy of moment to look back upon and have Some money in the crypto bank a win win if you ask me

I have some paper wallets that I keep sneaking crypto into so that I can leave it to my son, and I hope to see crypto being used more than FIAT by the time my son is using currency independently, but he's already 12 :o

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Oh, I do love this... thanks for sharing this on #pypt @pypt
Contests, SBI rewards, Yes, great idea!

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Before steem, I had been using coinpot and faucethub to earn small amounts. For a long time I was locked out of coinpot because I couldn't get access to my 2FA. I just started using it 10 days ago, all my refferrals are gone.

But, after 10 days, I am back to 10% bonus.... every little bit helps, which were your favorite faucets?

#PYPT helped me find your content 😉

I too started out on CoinPot and they are still some of my favourite faucets to this day!!

I had my loyalty bonus all the way up to 69% before destroying it by accident, you?🙏

Congratulations @philippekiene!!! You have won the first draw, for 1 Liquid STEEM, 2 SBI units and you also get to sponsor a third unit to anyone other than yourself, so who will it be?

Thanks for playing!! And don't forget that if you resteem this post before payout, you will get a 2nd entry for the second draw which happens then. Good luck!

Wow, thank you so much. Can I please give the other SBI share to @mumma-monza.

Thanks again @kharma.scribbles
I am at 17% today 😁

Yes, of course!!

1 SBI being sent to @mumma-monza in your name @philippekiene, so you will also be receiving another unit!

You do have a chance at winning the second draw, so good luck and thank you SOO much for playing!

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So far, I don't really spend my crypto. I didn't have enough when prices were high and prices are too low for me to do anything with it. I want to buy a steemmonsters starter pack, but it requires too much hard earned steem, so I'm holding on to my steem for now.

My main source of crypto is steemit. I have bought about 1,500$ worth of crypto and hardly made any profit or even break even.

Got to know about crypto through steemit. I heard about steemit in July 2017, I signed up in October 2017 and started blogging in December 2017. It's not been bad, but it could have been much greater.

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You can use TRX too, or hang out in Telegram group and see if there are any free promo codes still kicking around.

If you think you'll play - I can try to get you one.

Stop using Partiko for one, no wonder your experience is so horrible.

  1. Their upvote values are wrong because they did not update to the HFs
  2. They don't support a lot of common, basic markdown
  3. Their features are thoroughly lacking!!!

SteemPeak does it all better!

Does steampeak have a mobile app?

I've used it on mobile and it works great for me.. Some people complain about it, not sure why.. just going to steempeak.com in a mobile browser should render their mobile site.. I'm thinking it's possible the people complaining have their mobile browsers set to render desktop mode by default, I dunno.. but here is a screenshot of it in my mobile browser (using Brave mobile) on top of my desktop browser (Chrome)


Will try it

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STEEM is my first introduction to crypto. However, I'm slowly learning about faucets and wallets as well. Right now, I have a few places to get some alt coins and btc. I intend to grow my stack first before deciding what to do with them.

I'm also a part of CTP tribe that has the CTP tokens. This affiliate marketing program was my gateway to STEEM. Right now, I'd like to make the best of both worlds. Hopefully, I will be able to make them work together.

If I win, I would like to sponsor @elianaicgomes.

You came to STEEM through one of the Tribes, CTP? If so, that is wonderful news! That means the tribes are working ;)

I recently wrote a post about an awesome site where you can earn basically unlimited Crypto, including STEEM and SBD. They support well close to 100 different coins.

Since we're on my blog I have no shame linking to it..Actually you may have read it already because it's main tag is in CTP

Here you are in the post I run down the beginning steps to get going, since your first withdraw is slightly more work than the rest - but I promise it's easy and after that all the rest of your withdraws will be a breeze and the minimum to withdraw is over 0.01 STEEM/SBD because that's the withdraw fee.

At the end of the post, wrapped in the footer I also link to some awesome Android app faucets that pay out weekly and have been paying me for months.

Anyways, thank you so much for coming by and writing an entry. Good luck to you! Can't wait to engage more with you here and around STEEM :)

Cool! I'll check out your post. Thanks! ^_^

thanks for sharing at #pypt discord,

what to do with my crypto? good question.

last year when steem was little big bigger it's value I withdrew it everytime I earned 20 steem. The value that time was more than a dollar so I withdrew it to use as my weekly allowance and sometimes I used it for loading my phone to have a mobile internet connection.

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Thank you for coming to visit! I hope one day STEEM will be close to $1 again, then we will all be rich I'm sure.. could you imagine? Even .50 cents would be pretty amazing!

Thanks for coming and be sure you've upvoted for your chance to win when I run the second draw at payout. You'll also be given a share of the 3 STEEM bounty for your answer being on topic :)

Hope to see you play again soon, because this seemed a success (you think?) so I will definitely be doing one of these again on a different topic sometime in the future :)

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I make sure that 10% of my networth is in crypto and buy ip various alts I think are promising while also stacking up on BTC. The South African rand isnt a good store of value so cryptocurrency makes a lot of sense for those wanting to preserve their wealth.

I do a bit of trading here and there but I mostly look for ways to earn passive income with projects like staking or soft staking.

Found your post via @brittandjosies submission for this weeks @pifc :)

I mostly look for ways to earn passive income with projects like staking or soft staking.

Haha, I thought that said "with projects like stalking or soft porn" hahahah.. can you tell I've had no sleep tonight?

Found your post via @brittandjosies submission for this weeks @pifc :)

That's awesome!! That goes to show how well networking and getting featured in curation posts really pays off!! Thanks for letting me know where you found me too!

I am very anti-government and anti-money, I think civilization made some huge mistakes back in the day many moons ago - we could have had a more prosperous life, everyone..

I mean, we pay others for the right to build and live on our home planet.. o_o

That's just the crazy hippie in me talking though, don't mind me..

Thanks for playing! Good luck!

LOL that was way off base but if I could make money on stalking and soft porn I would surely give it a try. That's what I like about this place people are willing to read and take note of curation and sharing content unlike on traditional social media where it's all about how pays the most or shouts the loudest.

Lol you don't have to be a hippie to think that way I'm super business orientated and believe in free-market capitalism and im firmly against big anything, big government, big business, big banks. All they do is centralise power and wealth and create an imbalance in society

The truth is that I am new in this whole world of cryptography, I am just familiar with STEEM, I still don't know exactly what to spend it on, but I think what I need to get voting power in tokens, that way it will be a good source of investment, for now I have no hurry to withdraw my earnings. :3

One day let's both hope STEEM will go to a dollar or more, then we will be rich :o imagine.

Thanks for coming! Be sure you've upvoted to get a chance in the 2nd draw :)

@kharma.scribbles, I am Full Time Steemian and currently my Cryptocurrency Portfolio consist of Steem only and through putting my efforts and time i am boosting my stake on Steem Blockchain and when it comes to liquid Steem and other Tokens withdrawing to go through from my Expenses. Stay blessed.

Thank you so much for coming to play!! Don't forget if you resteem the contest, you'll get a 2nd entry for the 2nd draw xD👍

👍 👍

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What a great idea for a contest! Best wishes with it!
I found you because @brittandjosie featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest - keep up the great work!

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I'm not engaging to win, so I will stay off-topic. But "Kudos!" for coming up with such a fun contest and sharing it in Steem Terminal and on PYPT to give others a boost! 🙌

Why wouldn't you want to enter silly kitty girl? SBI is for everyone 🥳🥳

Thanks for stopping by though!

I have over 200 units, so was giving others a chance to get some, too! 😎

Aww, you are too sweet!

In my eyes this was successful though, so I will definitely be making this contest format my 'thing' ;)

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You also win an additiional SBI unit that you can sponsor to anyone other than yourself, please let us know who it's going to be :D

Prizes distributed.

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