Cover Image Contest!! Prizes Inside!!

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Cover Image Contest

I have had this same cover image since cover images became an option on steemit, and I am sick of looking at it. I got this cover photo from and it is time for a change! I need a new one, but have limited abilities when it comes to graphic design, that is where you come in.

Here are some general rules. Below that I have listed the possible prizes.

Rules and Suggestions

  1. Upvote this post!!
  2. According to the FAQ guide on steemit: A 2048x512 image is the optimal size to work for most devices. So this is the size the image needs to be.
  3. I would like my name (@krazykrista) incorporated in the image.
  4. Whaleshare logo incorporation may be included in some way (I will attach it below), but is not required.
  5. Make a post with your entry and link it bellow, add your bitshares account name (include your image).

Must already have or be willing to create a bitshares account in order to claim prizes,
a free account can be made here.

That's it!!Easy enough right?!?!?!


  1. 1st place will receive 10 Beyondbits, 50 Whaleshares, 50 Hairshares and a Resteem.
  2. 2nd place will receive 5 Beyondbits, 25 Whaleshares and 25 Hairshares.
  3. All serious entries will recieve 10 Whaleshares and 10 Hairshares.

By submitting an entry you agree to allow me to use your image.

Contests ends at post payout on January 10, 2018. Winners will be announced and prizes sent at that time.

Come Visit me in Whaleshares Discord:

I'd LOVE to meet you!

Much Love,



Reblogged. So more ppl may join. Cheers J

Hi, i see your contest thanks to @lindahas, this is my entry.

Link to my post

what is your bts account name?

Sorry, i forgot that part of the contest XD
My acount is EDXSERVERUS1

Hope I wasn't too late. Here's my entry


Link to my post

hey hey that crown though! Fantastic thanks :)

Hello, I thought I'd give it a go :)


My openledger account is luisferchav7

Wow! Am sure this is gonna be a great contest, great fun at that, I love already, wished I could do graphics design, but fortunately, all I do and still doing now is drawing or any format of pencil work.

I can't either, but a ton of people can :)

Hi @krazykrista! Please take a look at my entry. Hehe
Please click here to see my post. God bless you.

This is going to be great!

I wish I could help you here. I like the tag #krazy... you are awesome

Ha! I started tagging stuff krazy awhile ago, I like that I can make up tags

I made this from a photo I shot in Iceland... but could be Michigan!

Oh that's beautiful <3

Awesome bushkill <3

bitshares: techrube1
I'm sure that it will look wonderful with your profile picture star-struck

Cover image is very difficult for it. Must have good knowledge about graphic design. You are very skilled. It is understood by seeing your design. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Resteemed to hopefully get some more contestants! @fukako, @dandesign86, this may be right up your alley!

upvoted and followed :)