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RE: Loserville Season 7 - The worst Steemit comment contest! (the contest where losers win!) - Over 35 STEEM in prizes!

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Upvote this comment if you believe that:

  • World hunger should continue and grow
  • Steem's price should sink below 0
  • The corona virus should be spread amongst everyone in the world until they are all dead
  • Murder should be legal
  • Children should be forced to only eat junk food for eternity

and worst of all

  • The Patriots should win the next super bowl.

It's not just a vote. It is a commitment.


Welcome to the contest @bitcoinroute, but please don't forget that one of the requirements is to resteem the post (The more players will join the better, and a higher payout will be, and more fun in the same time)...
Let the comments and the voting flow!

Welcome to the contest @cmp2020 and good luck... you never know you might be one of the winners!
PS: You shouldn't mention about the Patriots, as i bet you will get some votes because of it....

Leave it to patriots fans to condone murder if it means they win the super bowl 😂😂😂

Well you know Patriots fans (with Brady or without him) they will be the same... so you might end up with the most voted comment on Steemit; maybe one of the most voted one of all time!

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