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RE: Loserville Season 7 - The worst Steemit comment contest! (the contest where losers win!) - Over 35 STEEM in prizes!

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Loserville Season 7 - Updates:

So far the contest have 5 legit entries from the following players: @dr-autoflower, @cmp2020, @crypsteem, @jmor, @florianghe; and i hope in the following days more will join; at the end of the day the more players are joining the more fun the contest will be and for sure the more engagement will generate...
One player is still in pending: @bitcoinroute - still need to resteem the post and write own comment (as so far it's just a replay added)

Keep in mind that you can replay to any of the comments that the players are adding but just your main comment when you enter the contest will count for the ranking at the end. The replays still qualify for the most original comment, and as well you never know maybe will generate votes as well...

As well this updates even if are voted or not will not take part in the contest... Good Luck All!

Let the comments flow!

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