Briefly about the situation in Russia during the Convid-19 pandemic

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In Russia, Covid-19 kills people, but also cripples morally.

The Russian government forbade everyone to go out, those who go out should have a mask, a job certificate (socially significant work), you can go to the store.

To help people survive, in a pandemic virus. The Russian government began to fine everyone with $ 53 if the person was without a mask. The average salary in Russia is $ 430.

Many people were left without work, without money, and families were starving and afraid of the virus. The government did not help people financially. In connection with the virus, many fines appeared for individuals up to $ 100, for legal entities from $ 500 to $ 67,000. $ 67,000 are fined by organizations that continue to function in connection with a pandemic that do not have a socially significant function.


People in desperation, looking for a means of coexistence, continue to go to work and spread the virus. This is due to the fact that sitting at home in quarantine without money is suicide. A person cannot observe quarantine, because to comply with it, one must have money for food, utility bills, child support (mortgages).

Briefly about the situation in Russia during the Convid-19 pandemic.

Confirmed - 134,687
Recovered - 16 639
Deaths - 1,280
Tests performed - 4 119 538