When the eggs turn into paintings, this is the result

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The Mexican medical student Michelle Maldini, 20, went to paint with eggs, and it seems that the painting of the food was haunted by many of Maldini's disciples, and they are eager for her picture and its new.15146983381880901395.jpg
With a pan and some eggs, Maldini comes out with great work, and although he tried it with other foods, the fried egg graphics were the closest to his heart.
Michel Maldini published his creations at the expense of "the_eggshibit". The medical student has become a famous artist on Instagram, with more than 7,000 followers since he established his account at Instagram only two months ago.

Enjoy and enjoy these wonderful paintings too






The question remains what the human mind can reach from the art of enriching life and adding to it its joy @Bakabou159704.


oui vraiment c'est un super art alimentaire cocinecomounchef Êtes-vous un cuisinier?

oui, je suis colombien, mais j'ai étudié la cuisine en france, à chateauroux en 1996

CAP and BEP, et j'habite à cucuta - colombie

Très bien je te condamne à la vaisselle chef

The football scene is the one I like best.

hhhh...Parce que tu es un athlète gduran ou non où te remercier

well done bakabou159704!

Oui, mais penser à l'idée et l'incarner sur les œufs est le secret du succès sararda