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Takeout food is every working gal's lifeline on any given weekday night but particularly after a bad bad blue Monday!
Friday nights are also popular as it's time to let our hair down!

Our favourite takeout is juicy giant flame-grilled Beef Burgers, apologies to my vegan friends!
Their Monday specials are two for the price of one, so when I was still a working gal with two hungry teenage boys, my car would often end up there on a Monday night!
One could order veggies, baked potato or fries as a side, but no guessing what the boys would order, and that goes for big Daddy too :)

Nowadays it's just hubby and I and Mom Lily and the flame grilled burgers no longer taste as juicy and delicious since they tasted my homemade version - nothing beats homemade after all!

Burger Queen also makes much healthier takeout than our Two for One old time favourite :)

I had loads of fun designing my packaging before I started cooking, so have been real busy.


The patty was made with lean ground Beef, diced Onion, Spring Onions, Parsley and Mint, rolled Oats and an egg to bind it all plus my favourite seasoning. Creamed Mushrooms, sliced Cheese, Tomato & Lettuce plus fried Onion rings on a homemade Sesame Seed Burger bun made this a scrumptious giant Burger.


Served with garlicky Parmesan wedges and oven roasted Vegetables and we had a takeout fit for a king or queen ;)



I found this recipe on - really the best buns

  • 1 cup lukewarm Water
  • 2 tablespoons Butter
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 1/2 cups Flour
  • 4 tablespoons Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 tablespoon Instant Yeast

1. Knead all ingredients in food mixer till smooth
2. Leave to rise in a warm place, knock down & divide into 8 pieces
3. Shape into round balls, brush with a little melted butter & dip in Sesame Seeds
4. Place on sprayed baking tray, flatten slightly & leave to rise again
5. Bake at 170C fan oven for 15-18 min



Beef Burgers

  • 500 gram ground Beef
  • 1 Egg
  • 100ml Oats
  • Diced Onion, Spring Onion, Parsley & Mint plus seasoning

1. Mix all together, divide into 4 burgers, cook in a lightly oiled pan on both sides till done


2. Sautee onion rings in a little Olive Oil till it starts to caramelise

3. Prepare creamed Mushrooms - sautee in a little butter, add a little milk & cornflour to thicken & season to taste

Burger Queen assembly line

1. Halve buns & place sliced Cheese on both sides, top with Beef patty

2. Top with sliced Tomatoes

3. Creamed Mushrooms are next in line

4. Caramelised Onion Rings

5. Finally fresh garden Lettuce & sealed with the bun

Garlicky Parmesan Wedges
Roast potato wedges with garlic cloves in a little Olive Oil till golden and crispy on the outside but floury and soft on the inside, season with a garlic & herb seasoning & a generous sprinkling of Parmesan Cheese

Roast Vegetables
Spread your favourite veggies in oven pan, sprinkle with a little Olive Oil & roast till cooked through & edges starts to caramelise, season to taste

One last look at Burger Queen's homemade takeout meal

Calling all chefs, you still have time to enter this exciting contest Cook With Us #33- Homemade Takeout Food run by the wonderful masterchefs @chefsteve, @offoodandart and @pandamama, and a huge thank you to the generous sponsors @curie & @sneaky-ninja for making this season possible, sadly we're almost at the end of Season Three :)

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Oy Vay! Lady Lizelle, either you have to move to the Cape, or I am going to have to leave home! This burger is to die for and if ever you want to start a franchise, my door is waiting for a knock.

Haha @papilloncharity, will have to deliver a special burger to you when I start my franchise ;);)

My oh my, I wish I could drive directly to a Burger Queen right now. I would need a double order of those potato wedges! The packaging is magnificent! Love the tagline on your packaging. This is incredible @lizelle.

Haha @loveself, those wedges were real yummy, I had enormous fun with the packaging too ;)
Thank you for your lovely comments as always!

Absolutely fantabulous! Love the packaging idea. Looks great!

Ah thank you @therneau, it was really a fun one ;);)
Thanks for resteeming!

Oh my goodness, this is fabulous @lizelle! You are so creative I can't believe your packaging, it is perfect! A burger for my, fit for a Queen or King anytime. I'm sure your mom and hubby were in heaven with this meal! Love it!

Thank you so much my friend, I had loads of fun with this one!

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@lizelle, You are amazing! I know that you love sweets but this entry is your best effort yet! I love how you made the burger into a meatloaf mix. the onions and creamy mushrooms are perfect on top. Your homemade buns are perfect and so are the garlicy parmesan wedges! Awesome packaging too. Great entry!

Haha so everyone knows about my sweet tooth not so, but thank you for your great feedback @chefsteve, much appreciated :) It really was a fun theme!

Hats off to HRH (Her Royal Highness), the Burger Queen! Wow, so impressive! I just love your creativity and humor. What a perfect entry for CwU #33. I have to say this will go down on my memory book for decades to come. And it doesn't stop with the packaging as the food in the packages sound delicious and will easily beat any fast food joint around. The photos surely show how delectable and tasty your featured BQ items are.

HRH, two orders of the above please!

Haha @offoodandart, I chose that name real tongue in cheek(y). Going to miss the fun weekly challenges but look forward to next season! Thank you for your lovely feedback :)

You have truly outdone yourself @lizelle, I love everything about this! Your attention to detail with the packaging is to be commended and the food looks delicious. I need those garlicky parm wedges in my life!

Oh those wedges were yummy @gardeningchef, thank you so much for your awesome feedback!

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Full of goodness, you know it is fresh @lizelle the packaging really takes first prize on this entry, your cooking and recipes always fun to go through.

It was a fun entry thanks @joanstewart, thoroughly enjoyed doing the packaging especially :)

WOW now I'm speechless.... and hungry 😃

Oh yes, I could be a big Burger Queen customer, no doubt about it. Double dose me on the wedges.

Those wedges were good, definitely a hit on the Burger Queen menu ;);)
Thank you for your support Mr Papper!

Did you also make the packaging yourself? Thats cool!

Yes with a little help from, it was great fun ;)
Thank you for stopping by @celestialcow!