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Hello all friends, we send a virtual hug to all the supporters of the project.

This year 2020 is about to greet us, it has been a really tiring year, the world's population has been attacked en masse, some Governments have responded excellently to the pandemic while many others, the poorest in addition to many other countries have had to succumb to the decisions of the most powerful. Our hope is that the coming 2021 will bring serenity to everyone in every corner of the globe, and perhaps even more financial resources that this year have been lost. It is hoped that this 2020 has brought together such desperation is also awareness in all the souls in the World, a consciousness that on this Planet, unfortunately, we are only passing through, and for this reason, you should have more respect for others and for the resources that this Earth offers us, taking on behaviors of brotherhood and containment of the wastes, giving a part to those who do not have the abundance of these resources.

As usual, our recommendations are intended to be an invitation to do more in this sense, should not be interpreted as a warning, we do not claim the right to discern the behavior of others and to make orders, rather we want to encourage our followers to give more and more in terms of resources, reduction of waste, respect for the environment and, above all, respect for the lives of living beings.

Although the period is not favorable for the company's coffers, good news comes from the CooperFelix-Multiservices Project. The composting process of the stratified pile in October 2020 is proceeding under optimal conditions. We expect the completion of the work by the end of January 2021 perhaps reselling our first batch of quality compost to private individuals, thus encouraging organic farming. Unfortunately, the Times and procedures to obtain the necessary authorizations are long, the costs very high, at the moment due to the pandemic from SARS Cov-2 we could not achieve this goal, many expenses were incurred by the company's members having to draw from savings funds of each. However, we do not break down, we know we have the skills and we have a world to save, even with your help. We know that people have been touched in the depths of the soul by this emergency situation, from which they will be reborn more aware and conscientious and it is precisely on these aspects that our awareness campaign will be based. With your help, we can establish a small eco-sustainable, in the hope that it will be replicated in other countries, who knows, maybe some of you among the most passionate, and willing, could be part of this Great Project and carry out the greatest work of healing the World together to CooperFelix-Multiservices and many other structures already existing on the Globe.

We want to greet you with updated photos of the last hour representing the compost heap and refer readers to the next post.





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