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Here is a great opportunity for content creators to make good use of their digital contents by transforming them into NFT assets, and selling them on reliable NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible #NFT. Twitter CoPuppy is also a good place to turn to. Unlike some other NFT platforms that only makes available a marketplace, CoPuppy present various features in their NFT platform to benefit their users. This means, the users can not only earn from selling NFTs, but from also carrying out activities on the CoPuppy platform #NFT. Medium
What is CoPuppy token?
This token is a utility token and main circulation of the CoPuppy platform. It has so many important uses such as the store of value of the platform, and for carrying out transactions in games and the Puppy World. Holders of the CoPuppy token(CP) will be able to easily buy the tokens from the platform's website and stake tokens to earn profits. However, users who wish to purchase the CP token will have to do so through the website because there is no pre-sale or private sale organized on CoPuppy. Website
CoPuppy interface
The interface of CoPuppy is understandable for users which provides a fast response @BscProjectOrg. Users can easily view the features of the CoPuppy platform displayed on the interface. The developer also displays a number of NFTs available on the platform, and their advantages, so that the users can go ahead to make their choices. An audit authority is also not left out to remind the users that the CoPuppy platform is secure as ever. The close partners of the NFT platform such as GameStarter, etc. is also displayed @gamestarter_co.
Puppy World
Santo Bergues Mine Raiders @PlayToEarnGames
There are currently 15 types of mines that is classified based on the location of the mines and the quality of the mineral output. Telegram
Attributes, characteristics, and prices of different mines
Puppy World is made up of 100 mines making up different types and levels. Each mine has gem resources that has different quality and quantity, and can be bought and shared to other players. Note that each mine farm only allows 20 players to partake in mining at a go. Quality mines have different factors including rare raw materials used in producing the mine.
Value of raw materials
Raw materials which all the mines on CoPuppy produces, can be seen as the basis of the Puppy World's income. Players buy these raw materials when they want to build and decorate houses. Users get to enjoy a number of functions when they sell raw materials directly or through their houses. Such functions include Puppy Battle, Share Card, etc #Metaverse. Whitepaper

The CoPuppy platform has a lot of potential, and will eventually lead to an increase in the token returns. Holding a CP token can open up new opportunities for users such as easy integration with innovative DeFi apps, lending capabilities, etc. @SmartBSCNews. The supply of CP tokens are limited as it is a very valuable asset. It is a good time to invest in this ecosystem.


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