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Creativity is endless. There are tons of talented author and publisher out there who have created magnificent masterpieces. Various contents have scattered throughout the community, and the internet plays a major role in it. However, it can not be denied if this also opens a gap to a big problem, piracy.

The rapid growth of internet technology makes every job easier, as well as finding information. Nowadays, we can get almost anything on the internet. Both the consumers and producers (e.g: content creators) has benefited from this technology. The consumers get everything they need, and the producers take the credits for their creation. But how if there is someone that wants the content for free, or even stole the creator's idea by violating the copyright of their works?

"A copyright protects the owner of one kind of intellectual property." - Jean Murray

Although the copyright is prominent, due to the imperfect legal systems and the lack of rational structures for intellectual property (IP) objects make the process difficult for some content creators. The process is not cheap, and it takes a lot of time to complete which expose them to the crudest way of copyright violation such as piracy, misuse, distribution of unlicensed copies, etc. Because of this, the creators do not receive fair amounts of their hard work.

Brain Space

The Brain Space Platform offers the solution to solve any issues related to intellectual property and copyright. The platform also gives expert advice on all matters relating to the protection of intellectual property and its further use. The platform also acts as a service that allows the user to quickly organize the attraction of investment funds for the implementation of major projects of IP authors, or their commonwealth.


Brain Space Services

Brain Space adopts blockchain technology and with its smart contract, every party can be involved seamlessly and transparently so it will save a lot of time.


Each of the contents that have been created is very valuable for the producers themselves. The platform pays attention to monetizing the creators' work. Each developed services will be able to increase the author's creativity alongside the constant income, which will increase the demand on the community. The platform is also able to provide protection of the copyright violations with its unique algorithm to identify duplication of text and audio on the internet.

The consumers/investors can also be benefited with the opportunity to increase their income from investing in the development of certain authors with the object of intellectual property. The investors are also able to manage the assets in the right direction with the minimum risk available.

Token Details

Token Name: IMP
Base price: 1 IMP = 0.01 USD ~ 0.08 USD
Currency available: ETH, BTC
Soft Cap: 14.526.000 USD
Hard Cap: 72.630.000 USD

Project Team

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