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Since we are moving into the digital era, the world needs something better when carrying out transactions because we can no longer put up with the old ways of transacting, as used in the medieval times.

A more efficient method of transaction is important, that's why the digital currency popularly called cryptocurrencies, came to be.

Created with the improved algorithms and technologies, the cryptocurrency is rapidly winning the hearts of many, and is becoming the preference of nearly every player in the digital system, as they crave for a payment method, which will allow them carry out transactions such as payment for goods, with ease.

But, a peculiar kind of digital asset called the stablecoin has shown to be more reliable and efficient for users carrying out cryptocurrency transactions, as it is not limited by the instability of price which affects the regular cryptocurrency, since it is often backed by different assets, which keeps its price tied to the asset price.

Looking at how fast it is moving, in just a few years to come, the digital currency will definitely become the most used tool of transactions, globally.

To show how fast this is coming to pass, a lot of systems are already adopting the improved the Blockchain technology, to create different digital assets, mostly in form of stablecoins and even the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), leading to the availability of large number of stablecoins and CBDC's for the global users to choose from and transact with.

But, this digital transaction, is yet to be at the level where it's supposed to be because there are limited systems ready to facilitate that, luckily for the digital system,



The Corion Foundation is an efficient system with its base in swiss, and has emerged with the sole purpose of bettering the financial system worldwide.

It gives the global population unrestricted access to a guaranteed payment means, which will make transactions to be fast, less difficult and cost-efficient for the users, through its support for different cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currency and even DeFi projects.

The unwavered support given by Corion foundation to these digital assets based projects is because they are regarded as the currency of the future and they are the tools which have the capability to fuel efficient transactions in the digital system, so to achieve efficiency, Corion ensures that they are given the needed push.

To be able to perform effectively, the Corion platform leverages on the advanced Blockchain technology, which is a state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the efficient operation of any digital system.


Upon the identification of a reliable stablecoin project in the digital space, the Corion platform gives it support, all round, as a way of nurturing it to become fully functional as a payment means.

In the quest to help build up these stablecoins projects, the Corion system carries out research which will help a project efficiently market themselves, and it shares this knowledge with the cryptocurrency project that it supports, to fully equip them to thrive in the cryptocurrency market.

Corion will also facilitate the creation of the stablecoin movement, which is directed towards advancing and promoting the stablecoins and other digital assets.

It will also promote stablecoins and cryptocurrencies at large through publications of stablecoin related articles and release of tools which will help facilitate the efficient use and global adoption of stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.

Some of these tools are...

A cryptocurrency wallet for the storage and management of stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies, with which they can send and receive digital assets.

CBDC service providers, to make it easier for governments who wish to adopt the CBDC as well as payment providers integrated into digital systems, letting them accept stablecoins as payment.

A stablecoin exchange system which is fast, easy to use, cheap and reliable, where users can exchange their stablecoins to other stablecoins or cryptocurrencies.

It must be mentioned that CorionX can be the instrument needed for the creation and adoption of more stablecoins because of the products it has in place to make that happen.

It does that in 4 major ways, and those have been explained below:

  • Learn
    The first thing you will benefit from CorionX is that you will learn more about stablecoins. That way, you will be in a better position to understand what those crypto coins are.

  • Buy
    When you must have understood all there is to stablecoins, the next thing is for you to buy them. You can decide to trade on the crypto coins or leave them in dedicated digital wallets pending when the value rises in the future and you will sell them for profits.

  • Use
    CorionX also offers you a platform to use your stablecoins for whatever transactions you want to make.

  • Stake
    Not everyone can be a cryptocurrency trader. Some persons prefer to watch from the sidelines.
    The fact that you are not yet trading on cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean that you won’t make money from the industry.
    That is why CorionX empowers you to make some money by the side by staking your crypto coins. In that case, you can stake your stablecoins and when the due date for receiving your earnings is due, you can conveniently withdraw the same.

In the coming months, we should be expecting more companies that understand what CorionX stands for to adopt its stable cryptocurrency payment system into their existing payment architecture.
Basically, what CorionX needs now is a way to get more individuals and businesses to adopt its products. And that is one of the excellent ways to drive adoptions for the CorionX stable cryptocurrency that is liaising with other valuable assets to form an unbiased and inclusive ecosystem where the use of stablecoins will thrive the more.



An Ethereum-based utility token has been minted by the Corion platform to help for the accessibility as well as transactions on its system.

The name of this token is called the CorionX utility token, with the ERC-20 standard that will help for the wide adoption of stablecoins.


Corion foundation wants to help create an economy which is fully efficient financially, by helping the global population to adopt the reliable stablecoins and CBDC.

With its stablecoin movement, promotional activities, support for digital assets, as well as provision of tools that will facilitate global adoption, the Corion platform will ensure that stablecoins and CBDC is widely used and is made beneficial to the world.


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