Why The Corona-Virus Probably Doesn't Exist | 4/4 - Further Studies & Links on the History of Infection-Theory (feat. Virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka)

After all these claims I felt it necessary to drive home some of the warnings about matters like this and to give you a few different angles on how to approach the subject of pathogens, contagion and viruses in your own studies before you get too scared by all the media fearmongering about "the corona virus"...


If you are wise you do not simply believe any of these claims. If you want to catch up here are the former parts for you again:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

As Lanka himself points out in every lecture: "Please do not just belief me when I speak about the history of pathogens, infection-theory and the scientific blunders in medicine that have been perpetrated on humanity. I ask you to go and read up on this for yourself, I ask you to prove me wrong and to come to your own conclusions. A solid understanding of actual medicine requires you to be certain of what you know and to demystify the medicine model we have all been taught. This can only be done through your own research into the matter - the people I am referencing in these lectures are to be looked at critically. The mechanisms of contagion through viruses that are so commonly cited simply do not exist factually, only in the minds of the population that has been caught off-guard with this centuries-old fairytale of contagion and pandemics."


So where does that leave us?

One of Lanka's best (German language) lectures on this subject goes into major detail about the beginnings of this scientific scam and how a mistake eventually became the medicine model we all know today. So until I can give you more direct translations of Lanka's lectures or even dubs the video I am referring to has been at least subtitled. Here it is:

I can also advise you where to start to do some major digging on the story.

You want to take a very critical look at ROBERT KOCH and LOUIS PASTEUR - two of the most prominent and well-regarded figures in the history of Western medicine, because what you will find will shock you to the core. As Lanka points out, these two (and many others along the way) have perpetrated the greatest crimes and atrocities against humanity in the name of science, and most of our "modern" infection-theory stems from the swindles and scams these two men have put forth back in the day.

It is a very old story that goes back several centuries, how the old convictions of a so-called "virus" (Greek for poison) was used to explain diseases and other pandemics in the past. It is a story on how the church has used this fear of contagion hundreds of years ago in order to enforce population control and to get rid of political enemies. It is a story on how these centuries-old notions of infection through an invisible malignant virus have become the basis for the entirety of Western medicine over the last centuries, despite the fact that people are getting sicker and sicker today, and that the conditions vaccinations are supposed to make you immune against still exist despite all the efforts to wipe these diseases out.

It is the story on how diseases and medical conditions have been re-named and re-classified in order to make way for even further advances within the death-industry that is big pharma.

You may also refer to the other English language interview with Lanka from the nineties where re speaks about HIV showing the very same problems these other diseases and conditions have that I mentioned in this series, namely: The viruses responsible have never been isolated and can therefore not be shown to exist factually.

Many interviews and great lectures of Dr. Stefan Lanka exist in German language but very few have been made accessible in the English language, which is why most people from overseas will have never heard about Lanka and his claims, nor about the shaky foundations of infection-theory at large.

I may write about Lanka again after I have gone into more lectures and checked what other media of his has already been translated into English as I feel I owe you more concrete information after having started this series. So when I have better internet connection again and can take a day off from the regulars of travel life I want to browse youtube again and Lanka's website in the hopes to be able to forward some more of his English material to you. When I find more material that already exists in English I will write about it and link it to this miniseries. I am also considering making another dub of Lanka's lectures, though I am not sure how soon this will happen with everything going on in my life right now. I have several huge media projects to tend to, and a new life on the road as well ;)

That said, the stories of Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur alone will put such a dent in the certainty related to modern medicine that I feel it's a great great starting point for this topic. Find out how these men approached their studies, what methods they used in their experiments and what ultimately came out of the "breakthroughs" these two con-men have perpetrated in the name of science for the benefit of hidden political agendas of their age, and you just might get an idea of how flawed the current contagion-narrative may be.

If you are confused now about all the noise on the so-called "Corona virus" I ask you to at least allow for the possibility that it may all be a scam and that the fear of the virus may do way more harm than any actual virus out there ever could (and there are many good reasons for it I have not named here but may in the future).

Everything warrants a thorough re-check before we can even begin to call ourselves enlightened about our bodies and our health and I feel Lanka's work will go a long way over the next decade in order to stop this insanity modern medicine has become.

Lastly, I want to thank you for all your patience and interest in this most far-out topic - really.

May we discover again what true health actually is and how we can protect ourselves from the scams of our age which wear the banner of medicine in their name while bringing us ever deeper into dependencies and the depths of the death cult practitioners who don't really know any better because they believed it just as much as we do... only, they have a vested interest in staying uninformed whereas we can free ourselves from this most malignant and invasive mind-control that is the concept of contagion and pandemics through rogue viruses...


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Thanks for stopping by <3


Another piece of the puzzle coming together. Thanks so much for this helpful and important info.. Shared again.

So happy you found it useful. I am planning on dubbing another lecture of his and share it here. I also need to find out if he is alright, it has gotten awfully quiet around Lanka recently.
Thanks for all the support as well <3

You're doing great work @paradigmprospect and I appreciate your dedication to such an important cause. You're helping fight for our freedom and elevating us out of these dark ages we're currently living in. I'm concerned about Lanka and I hope he's doing ok. He's going up against the rulers and he's so brave and courageous, I admire his strength. I'm thankful for what you're doing and you have really opened my eyes and I pray this information gets out to the public and I pray that Lanka is safe. Bless YOU

I am speechless. Thank you so much <3


While this is not the response to your earlier points (yet) and I want to take the time to mention my take on your perspective and sensible analogies, I felt these lectures would answer a lot of the points you brought up in your reply already. A lot better than me paraphrasing Lanka's take.

All the best to ya

Thank you @paradigmprospect. Very well written, I'll
try and get around to the videos at some point here too.

@paradigmprospect good we'll thought points. Corona virus should be managed

If you are confused now about all the noise on the so-called "Corona virus" I ask you to at least allow for the possibility that it may all be a scam and that the fear of the virus may do way more harm than any actual virus out there ever could

I am not gonna deep dive in this right now ( I prefer to spend my time on other things that make me feel good ) but I couldn't help but thinking / feeling something similar.

I'm trying to tell people ( even my own brother ) that locking ourselves in is exactly what is gonna make us sick, as is the fear spread by the media.

May we discover again what true health actually is

I sure hope this is a wake up call.

Hi Vince,
I agree. Many interesting potentials unfolding from this but we all tend to get sucked in a lot more than it helps. The fear is the greatest enemy.

Hope you're doing well in Portugal my friend. I have internet access again and can finally read some on steem the next weeks. Can't wait to catch up with what you have been up to and what has been happening here.

Much love to ya!


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