Some Strange Theories about the Corona virus

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Lately the world has been shocked by a virus that has quickly spread to various parts of the world. This virus is named Wuhan Corona Virus because it originates from a city in China, Wuhan.

Corona virus has infected tens of thousands of people and killed hundreds of people and the number is still growing WHO even declared the Corona Virus outbreak as a global health emergency.

In the midst of this crisis, there are those who spread theories about the Corona Virus. And of course the information isn't true. A number of social networking companies are trying to stop the spread of this information.

Here are some theories about the Wuhan Corona Virus:

  1. Corona virus in food
    Some time ago an upload on social media in Australia warned that there was a Corona Virus in foods originating from China such as fortune cookies and Wagyu meat. A professor at Melbourne University said there was no evidence that there was a Corona virus in food from China in Australia.

  2. Bill Gates created the Corona virus
    The theory that spread on Facebook and Twitter stated that Bill Gates had predicted the existence of this virus and was involved in patenting it. Bill Gates is said to have participated in funding an institution to patent the virus. Facebook states that they have checked the facts and confirmed that it is not true. In fact, there isn't just one Corona virus that is patented, and this can cause confusion.

  3. Biological Weapons
    This conspiracy theory seems to be what many people believe. Some claim that this virus was intentionally created by the Chinese government to reduce an increasingly booming population, Some say that this virus is a biological weapon made by China in preparation for World War, But not intentionally spread in their own country or deliberately spread to find out the effect. The claim that disease is deliberately made by governments or criminals has long been used by conspiracy theorists. and that is not true.

  4. Prevention with bleach
    On Facebook, a number of groups focused on the Corona virus have sprung up in recent days. Members ask questions and ask for advice about using masks and protective measures, many uploads on Weibo, Twitter and Facebook suggest that people rinse their mouths with salt water solution to prevent it, This is actually not recommended. Not to mention there are dangerous theories that advise people to drink bleach. This is certainly very dangerous because it's not just a virus that is gone. Life also dies.

That's some information about a strange conspiracy theory about the wuhan virus. may be useful !!corona-4801040_1920.jpg

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