Corona to make statism massive

in #corona10 months ago

From tomorrow at 12.00 the police will be at the danish borders and no one is allowed to travel out without an emergency situation, all dane's can travel in to the country.

The danish queen cancel her 80 years birthday dinner-party that was scheduled for next month.

Today I traveled from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmö, Sweden and back again, to see my son for some hours. When I said goodbye to my son, I said we will see each-other 2 weeks from now again, when I came home, the news was out: No one is allowed to travel, except special emergency. So I agreed with the mother that I will see him in Skype every Sunday until this situation ends and the borders is open again.

I think this is a huge dent on our personal freedom.

Personally I am very sceptical about the whole corona thing, I tend to agree with others that it is just another hoax, probably part of a bigger plan, possible to:

  • Get rid of some of the population
  • Install more limitations on the population, like what happened after 9/11 just worst
  • Install the one world government, new world order
  • Limit or shutdown the internet?

Everything in the world seems to much in sync in this situation, it seems like they lock-down the whole world, with some delays in different countries.

I know Illuminati is real, I know that free-masons are a satanic control organization and I know that most people don't know this and would consider me crazy for having this opinion or perspective.

It feels very lonely to be one of the few that know what I know, about topics like Illuminati and flat earth, but I guess thats just part of my personal journey.

So what now? Well, I can't travel to my son for some time, I guess a few months, but I can talk with him over the internet (if they don't decide to shot that down?). After all they must have noticed that crypto currency becomes more and more popular and the only way to stop it is to destroy the internet. I personally don't think they will succeed in shotting the internet down, it would be surrealistic if that was to happen, basically taking what to me is the last freedom away from us?

/Lasse Ehlers