in #coronavirouslast year

welcome to armageddon. the measuring.
finaly gaia strikes back. the human plague is reduced to it's component parts.
the neoliberal capitalists ,the proliteriat .same coin with two faces.
under the self induced belief that success can be measured by wealth, greed has made the world collectively vulnerable to nature.
that's the thing we are supposed to be in control of btw.
as the central banking institutions protect the corporations through quantitative easing(sic), as the only viable model. the population dies.
no dead person can make any profit more than once.
the presses can no longer be able to replace the workforce when the production lines cease.
the idea that money no longer requires input from the proles is now exposed.
even the elite have to eat.
the obvious solution is to remove the brake. remove money.
when the nyse shuts because of the breaker circuit, that is a proof that capitalism has failed.
as the soviet union collapsed , this is the view from inside.from the western perspective.
capitalcommunism has become , by stealth, the new order.
the conditions are flawed. so how much is life worth?
not just humanity, measure the value of global fauna and flora. for the sake of a buck.
modern economics knows the cost, not the value.