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RE: Are government lockdowns the best option to keep a population healthy?

Hello @geke !
Have you accessed your HIVE account yet? I don't see a copy of this post over there.
I won't have much presence over here on Steemit anymore, but there are some people who may not be aware of all the drama that went done and forced us former Steemians to fork to a new chain.
... or the new version of SteemPeak ...


Hi cc! No I haven't accessed that yet. Thanks for the info -- I'll look it over and figure this out!

Great. I wanted to make sure that you knew.

Justin Sun has gone completely INSANE!
There are many people that he has completely banned from Steem already, and their history of posts can no longer be seen even on SteemPeak anymore because of how he changed the alogorithms.

I am powering down all of my Steem and getting the hell out, but I will still be quickly using up all of my voting power as long as I have it.

It looks like the price of Steem may be almost zero within another 12 weeks, after the majority of Steem has been powered down and sold.