CoronaVirus Outbreak in China Spreading

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Is this another man-made disease outbreak like Ebola and the Measles created by toxic vaccines?

In China, all is on high alert as the CoronaVirus spread from a fish and wild animals market in Wuhan.
Many Chinese citizens are scared and purchased face masks after hearing 6 people have died. This outbreak happens to be on the Lunar New Years Holiday when many people travel back and forth to visit families.

South Korea and Japan has confirmed 1 case of this CoronaVirus each and Thailand has 3 confirmed cases of people dying from pneumonia by the virus.

This CoronaVirus is among 7 different strains that infect human beings, ranging from symptoms similar to the common cold, SARS ( severe acute respiratory syndrome kills 10% of the unhealthy people who contract it ) or even MERS ( Middle East respiratory syndrome kills more than 30% of unhealthy people that contract it ) but this CoronaVirus doesn't appear that lethal.

If people do not have compromised immune systems caused by toxic chemotherapy treatments or multiple injections of dangerous vaccines then they do not have to worry too much. With adequate nutrition from non-gmo whole foods, multivitamins, sunshine, water, exercise, quality sleep and a stress free lifestyle then you will less likely to contract this CoronaVirus and if you do then boost up your immune system to fight this virus and it will be gone.

Most of the cases are people who contracted this so called CoronaVirus from Wuhan and then flew on an airplane, probably spreading it while in flight and then landing in another country.

CoronaVirus can be spread between humans.
Disease can be reversed

The World Health Organization will be meeting on Wednesday to see if this so called outbreak should be declared an International Public Health Emergency even though only a few hundred people are infected out of the billions living in China.

Even though reports tell us that this virus jumped from animals to human because of the close proximity of the animals and human within close quarters but from what I've read, animal virus is separate from human virus and can only jump species of directly injected into the blood stream as in cases of vaccines which contain many animal viruses even monkey Cancer Virus ( SV40 ) and the Nagalase Enzyme that prohibits your body from absorbing vitamin D from the sun thus creating Cancer in the human body.

Just remember than many of the farmers worldwide inject lots of anti-life Antibiotics into their farm animals and hospitals and doctors over prescribe Antibiotics to their patients when not necessary causing the creation of many SUPER BUGS that are resistant too all our Antibiotics now. Beware most hospitals in the United States are infected with MRSA ( Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ) virus, so watch out if you are planning to do any surgery in the U.S.

The SARS virus killed over 600 people when it occurred in 2002-2003 but one must ask yourself, how many of those 600 victims had low immune systems caused by toxic vaccines, deadly Chemotherapy, radiation and even toxic silver colour amalgam dental fillings that leak bad mercury vapors into your lungs each time you chew food, brush your teeth or drink hot fluids?

Some precautions to take when out and about is to make sure to wash your hands with soap and water ( don't use alcohol-based hand rub as these kill the good bacteria on your skin ), and cover your nose and mouth by coughing into your flexed elbows. You many need to avoid close contact with wild or farm animals. You can also thorough cook your eggs and meat. Wearing a face mask may help.

Knowing that the HIV epidemic in Africa was a man-made virus outbreak by scientists, we have to wonder how many of these disease outbreaks are engineered in order to sell more toxic vaccines and prescription drugs?

All that is in this post is NOT medical advice as I am not a doctors. Please do your own research and consult a doctor if you expect that you have contracted the CoronaVirus. Most of the time a person with a healthy immune system can fight off viruses, it's when their is no other toxins in their bodies like heavy metal from vaccines or silver amalgam dental fillings.



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