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Malaysia says American from cruise ship docked in Cambodia tests positive for coronavirus

An 83-year-old American woman who had been a passenger on a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia after being shunned by other countries has tested POSITIVE for the new coronavirus in Malaysia, health authorities said on Saturday, February 15th.

She was the first passenger on the MS Westerdam, operated by Carnival Corp unit Holland America Inc, to test positive for the virus.

The ship docked in the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville on Thursday carrying 1,455 passengers & 802 crew. ( There were 271 Canadians on the ship ) It had spent two weeks at sea after being turned away by Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Guam and the Philippines.

The passengers were tested regularly on board and Cambodia also tested 20 once it docked. None was found to have the deadly coronavirus created in a lab funded by the World Health Organization and the CDC, that has killed more than 1,500 people, the vast majority in China.

The American woman flew to Malaysia on Friday from Cambodia along with 144 others from the ship, the Malaysian health ministry said in a statement, adding that she was in stable condition.

The woman’s husband had shown symptoms but tested negative, it said. Many people now know that the CoronaVirus test kits are not reliable as many infected people were tested negative to later be tested positive so many infected people are release going on to infect many more other people. The couple were the only ones of the 145 to show symptoms, the ministry said.

Everyone on the cruise ship, in hotels and in the taxis that had contact with this American woman must know that they, too may be infected with this man-made virus.


Please know that this man-made CoronaVirus was released to both 'depopulate' the planet as per rich elites who own and control the banks and the drug companies plus to profit off the infected who they have made sick with their engineered virus in order to then sell them vaccines which have already been produced a long time ago but have not been released so not to bring under suspicion that a vaccine which usually takes 10 years to produce can be made in under 4 months and even more scary is that some lab says that they made a vaccine in 3 days after they got the virus from China to study it.

Please know that the W.H.O. and those behind them are tell people to keep calm and not really explaining what plans are in the works to prevent the spread of this virus. The W.H.O. is a criminal organization, I believe that is linked to the United Nations, the CDC, the AMA, the vaccine & drug companies, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, those who control the Banks and the allow the deadly CoronaVirus to spread all over the world.

This virus has a 15% fatality rate, 83% infection rate, 24-42 Days incubation period and this virus can stay alive on surfaces for more than 28 Days. Do not wait until the vaccine promoters tell you that everyone is infected before you do something about it. This virus can spread to another person within 2-6 seconds to another person that is more than 6 feet away. Keep yourselves safe by not going out unless necessary, do not congregate in crowded areas like shopping malls and restaurants.

Just know if you are uneducated on the Truth about Vaccines is that every single vaccine has the possibility of giving you the very disease or virus that it is meant to prevent. By taking the toxic CoronaVirus that is waiting for approval at the CDC right now, you may be exposing yourself to self-inflicted CoronaVirus. Plus many vaccines that ingredients that super hype your immune system so much that the immune system attacks your own organs causing many autoimmune disease which are labelled as side effect in the vaccine package insert. If no one every told you, yes vaccines cause Cancers in the body ( SV40 and Nagalase Enzymes ). Beware of the W.H.O. they are just the drug pushers for those who own and control the Vaccine and Drug companies.

Please read the following to try to prevent and reduce the complications caused by the W.H.O. funded CoronaVirus.

Corona Virus is a gene edited weaponized virus that was created in a BSL-4 Lab ( level 4 ) and funded by the World Health Organization ( W.H.O.), the Centers of Disease Control ( CDC ), Microsoft's Bill Gates, Pirbright Institute, and those who own and control the Drug & Vaccine Companies.

This man-made weaponized virus is very, very dangerous. The goal for the release of this deadly and infectious Corona Virus is to use the death of millions of people infected to scare populations around the world to 'demand' for the creation and production of the Vaccine which has already been made and is just waiting for approval at the CDC. Those in control will not tell you yet that a toxic Vaccine has been made with live viruses because it would seem too suspicious since it takes many year to make and test a vaccine on animals than on the unlucky human test subjects. They will lie to you and say that technology has jumped light years ahead now and Viola, here is the vaccine, ready to roll out a few months after the Corona Virus was released, what a 'coincidence', right? Guess what, there are not such coincidences.

Okay, here are some things you need to know to protect yourself from the Corona Virus:

  1. *Stay at least 6 feet away from a person who is coughing or sneezing

  2. Wear a N95 or N100 Face Mask whenever you are outside the home and if someone else at home is ill, you may wear a mask, too. Just know that the thin blue nurse's masks may not protect you as well because there are gaps in that mask. Wear eye goggles and ear plugs to prevent virus from entering from other areas.

  3. Wash your hands with soap and water often, under running water, at least for 20 seconds. Do not use alcohol hand sanitizers as these hand washes will dry up the skin and microscopic cracks will develop on your hands and the viruses can enter your body through the tiny cracks. Washing your hands frequently and running them under water for more than 20 seconds will do.

  4. DO NOT touch your hands to your face as the virus can get into your body from your hands into your eyes, mouth, nose and even ears.

  5. Carry hand sanitizers with you or some alcohol wipes as it seems the virus hates alcohol. But bear in mind that the some hand sanitizers may dry up the skin on your hand and leave tiny crack in the skin where bacteria and viruses can enter more easily and infections can develop on the hand. Some of these products contain the chemical Formaldehyde that can increase your risk of Skin Cancer. Sticking to using soap and water to clean your hands may be a better idea.

  6. Drink Plenty of Clean Water

  7. Wear gloves and avoid touching dirty surfaces like Elevator Buttons or Escalator Hand Rails.

  8. Proper Bed Rest so your body can put it's energy into helping you fight against the Corona Virus

  9. Boost up your body's immune system so it can help you fight the deadly Corona Virus more easily without too much health complications.

To boost your body's immune system to protect against this infectious virus manufactured by the W.H.O. funded bio-weapons lab, you can take:

  • Vitamin C Liposomal
  • Vitamin C, 4000 iu - 10,000 iu
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin D, 5000 iu
  • Zinc
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract ( antiviral )
  • Tumeric
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • multivitamins
  • Beta Glucan
  • Golden Seal
  • Garlic
  • non-gmo organic whole foods.
  • Agrisept-L may help as it cleans up parasites that may block your system from eliminating other toxins ( remember that if your body has too much accumulation of toxic heavy metals like Mercury from Vaccines, it may be harder for a person with Candida to get rid of this yeast created from antibiotic overuse.
  • avoid meats and dairy when you are ill as these foods tend to lower your immune system to fight off diseases

If you begin to feel sick and think you are coming down with a case of the Corona Virus, you can take:

  • Garlic Water ( make Garlice water by either crush or slice up 7-8 garlic cloves, put them in boiling water for 2 minutes, shut off stove let steep for a few minutes and drink while this is warm, not when it's cold. )
  • Raw Garlic
  • Colloidal Silver by mouth
  • Colloidal Silver by nebuliser
  • Echinacea
  • Oregano Oil pills
  • Thyme
  • CHAGA MUSHROOMS helped a couple living in an apartment filled with CoronaVirus infected people ward off the virus, they did not develop the virus.
  • to get virus out of system faster, you can do some Coffee Enemas

Nutraceuticals like Niacin, Omega 3 fish oil, L-Carnitine, CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid can be helpful

A doctor said that they will be using Birch Bark Extract (alcohol free), Calendula Tincture Herbal, Relorda 300 mg take 600 mg twice a day and Forskolin in the morning and 3:00 pm, Licorice Root Extract (once at night and once morning; if you have high blood pressure beware of licorice ),

  • above items, you will need to research on how to use them for viruses on your own.

There was a news story about a UK teacher named Connor Reed, 25 who claims that he beat the Corona Virus with ‘hot whisky and honey’. He refused to take antibiotics as these prescription drugs actually make the healthy bacteria in your gut that's responsible for a large part of you immune system to be unbalanced that making you weaker so instead he used the hospitals machine to help him breathe but it was the 'Whisky and Honey' that he believes got rid of the nasty virus. He drank the Whisky and Honey until it all ran out.

Read Connor Reed's Story here

There was also a story about doctors who combined 3 different prescription drugs to help battle the Corona Virus. The 3 meds were Oseltamivir with Lopinavir and Ritonavir. Not sure if that story is true but you can search for that yourself.

China is having clinical trials of an antiviral drug called Remdesivir for the CoronaVirus ( 2019-nCoV ) given intraveneously, made by the American pharmaceutical giant, Gilead. The report from China published on Tuesday about Remdesivir also found that Chloroquine, a cheap drug used for decades to treat malaria, could also fight the new Coronavirus. Researchers are recommending that it also be studied, along with various antiviral medications, including some of the ones used to treat H.I.V. sooooooo if you are a person who still trusts the toxic prescription drugs recommended by the greedy doctors, you may have a look into this.

It seems that the CoronaVirus was engineered with a thick outer layer that is difficult to penetrate as the covering on the Hepatitis B virus given through a vaccines. Patients have used BHT ( Butylated Hydroxytoluene ) capsules to breakdown this barrier to help the body get to this man-made virus.

This infectious virus seems to attack everyone from mothers passing it to their babies, to men in their 30's up to seniors so almost everyone is included.

Since this Corona Virus Pandemic was staged and setup to not only 'reduce' the world's population as said by Bill Gates himself but also to gain mega profits from the sales of their toxic cancer causing vaccines. All the Disease Outbreaks, you see previously were staged for the purpose of killing as many people as they can to frighten the masses into buying into their Vaccine Scam.

This is how it goes. Suspicion arose when parents began discovering that the vaccines that the CDC and World Health Organization recommended starting injuring and killing kids.

There are many side effect with vaccines which are hidden by trained doctors and medical schools. When more people started finding out about these dangerous side effect they and tried to sue the drug company. Because there were so many vaccine damaged kids that these evil drug and vaccine companies asked the government to deem these companies NOT LIABLE for any injury, damage or death done by their vaccines or else they would have a hard time making vaccines. So that is why, the vaccine companies do not care if all the toxic ingredients like Formaldehyde, SV40 Monkey Cancer Virus, Nagalase Enzymes ( all causes Cancers ), brain damaging Aluminum and Mercury ( causes Autism, OCD, ADD, ADHD, a condition called failure to thrive, learning disabilities ... ) and lots of other dangerous chemicals and viruses; hurt or kills your child.

Since parents began to see the vaccine injuries, the medical industry had to switch it up. Instead of just giving vaccines to little kids and school age children, they decided to vaccinate babies as soon as they got out of their mother's womb so that the greedy doctor can blame the child's symptoms and diseases as the baby being 'born with the disease or symptoms' as any new mother would not be able to see what a healthy new baby looks like and do a comparison as time follows.

Even worse now, crooked doctors are trained to advise pregnant women to get vaccines when they DID NOT recommend any vaccines in the earlier days as doctors knew that any toxins given to a pregnant mother would go straight to the baby through the belly cord. So now the doctors are damaging the baby inside the stomache even before it's born and then blaming the mother or the genetics for the vaccine injury or death. Many babies have died at home, hours after getting their first vaccination with the Hepatitis B Vaccine and the Aluminum filled Vitamin K shot. These vaccines causes the baby's head to swell leading it to bleed and hemorrhage, the baby may let out a high pitch cry because of the intense pain in the skull region and some babies may stop breathing because of the lack of oxygen to the brain due to the swelling caused by the body reacting to the toxic ingredients within the vaccines. If the baby dies within their sleep after being vaccinated, the doctor will label the death as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ( SIDS ) and sometime the police may be called to arrest the parents thinking it's death was due to child abuse.

Here are some of the symptoms of having the Corona Virus:

Day 1: sore throat, muscle aches, tiredness and/or chills
Day 2: light fever or high fever of around 39 degrees, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or some coughing
Day 6: may be feeling better
Day 7: may even go back to work BUT...

  • If you develop a fever that goes past 37.5 degrees you should go to the hospital
  • From the onset of a cough it is estimated that some patients may die around Day 27th.
  • an infected patient had all of the above and after feeling better, they were tested again but doctors found that recovered patient actually began to have massive amounts of the Corona Virus in their phlegm and also in their stools ( bowel movement ). While the patient looked fine, they were still very infectious.

This deadly Corona Virus made by a Lab in Wuhan with funding from Bill Gates, the Pirbright Institution, the World Health Organization, the CDC and the United Nations will kill Millions of Citizens around the world because it's airborne and can reach up to 6 feet from a coughing, sneezing infected person and from someone who is infected by shows no symptoms. The Corona Virus can survive in droplets of saliva on stainless steel for up to 28 days, so you can see how more people will become infected and some will die.

DAY 9, some infected patients may begin to develop symptoms of pneumonia around Day 9 and then the pneumonia will become more serious leading to death if there is not enough care paid to the patient while in the hospital.

Whenever you feel like you are very sick, please go to the hospital right away. As half of all American have low immune systems due to the overuse of toxic antibiotics and vaccines, you may find that most can not fight off this man-made virus on their own and may need help from a ventilator breathing machine which actually damages your lungs while it's trying to help you breathe.

*Apparently, people who have been infected and then recover, shows that they have not built any immunity against the Corona Virus and can therefore get infected again, meaning that those who have been curse may likely relapse and on the second time getting the virus may not be so lucky. Seeming that if there are any antibodies generated, these antibodies may not last long.

According to another study in regards to Lung Cancer, people who smoked seemed more like to develop Corona Virus.

You see hospitals in the United States have been trained to always use toxic prescription drugs on patients, killing at least 100,000 patients in hospitals each year due to medical error. So if you were a person with the Flu, for example and all you needed was sleep, water, good nutrition and multivitamins to recover but instead you entered a HOSPITAL FULL OF DRUG RESISTANT SUPER BUGS, can you imagine, what will happen to you after they add in more toxic drugs that lowers your immune system even more? Why do you think so many people die each year from the Vaccine Strain of the Flu Virus? It's not from the common flu, that's for sure.

Remember that if you see that your healthy active vocal child develops a vaccine side effect ( vaccine injury ), please report this to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System ( VAERS ) , to get compensation for your vaccine injured child at Vaccine Court. You must do this as soon as possible as they criminals in the medical industry have given you only a limited time to report the injuries and side effects. By filming and recording your child's speech, activities and personality, you will have proof and evidence for the court case to prove you had a healthy, bouncing active, talkative child before the vaccines and now your have a 'vegetable'.


Some of the side effects and diseases given through a vaccine are:

Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Microcephaly ( the brain continues to grown while the skull stops growing, small head ), Parkinson's, Tourette's aka Ticks, Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Schizophrenia, Eczmea, Butterfly Skin, Arthritis, Juvenile Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Demtenia, Childhood Dementia, Crohns, Colitis, IBS, Leukemia, Childhood Leukemia ...

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As many of you can see with your own eyes that the World Health Organization did nothing to stop the flow of traffic from trains, planes, buses and cars to and from any country. Even after they found out that the Corona Virus was spreading like crazy all over Wuhan and then throughout China, the W.H.O. still took their time to call for a Global Emergency. After the Global Emergency was announced, nothing was done to stop the inflow of plane passengers into any country thus giving the virus time to spread. Even after they found out that the virus may have more than the 14 day incubation period where an infected person shows no symptoms but is still infecting other, the World Health Organization still allowed travel and trade to happen giving the Corona Virus even more time to spread to every country. But by now I know you are realizing that it was the plan of the CDC and W.H.O. to have this virus spread far and wide so that many millions will die and force citizen to demand a vaccine be fast tracked and rolled out. Then those elites who own and control the entire medical industry and the Vaccines Companies and reap the benefits of Vaccine Stocks and the sale of vaccines to all countries. KAAAA CHING!

Doctors and Nurses have been trained to deny any vaccine injury plus they are not made aware of what a vaccine injury or side effect looks like that is why they will say the side effect is just a coincidence.

The Corona Virus will continue to spread all around the world especially in the United States where no one is testing for passengers with this virus. Passengers are being allowed into the U.S. without any medical testing plus are asked to 'self-quarantine' which doesn't always works as infected people may still wander outside, spreading the virus everywhere. Even doctors are hiding the fact that this virus is very deadly and contagious by suggesting to not wear masks. You can tell these health professional and those at the W.H.O. and the CDC want the virus to spread. No checks at the border, barely any info given to the public as to how deadly this virus really is. Also that people of 'all' ages can be infected not just senor citizens as this virus seems airborne.

All those new hospitals being built in China, many views have stated that some rooms have bar like jails. Wanted to remind citizens around the world that no government can be trusted. As seen in many movies where actions play out in real life, that if the number of infects get too overwhelming, a government may 'quarantine aka imprison' it's infected patients who later gets their food and water cut off, eventually leading to death as medical supplies shrink. It's the same for the west, in the United States, there are FEMA CAMPS, so are allegedly owned by Killary. These will probably be used to imprison innocent infected patients and once they take away your phone, you will have no contact with the outside world. This was seen with many Hurricane Katrina survivors, where they were put into camps, had their phones removed and given a very, very limited amount of water, food and heat. Hurricane Katrina was just one of their many experiments where lots of homeless people disappeared and were never seen again.

It is my belief that these FEMA camps that are located throughout Canada and the United States will be made into Prison Death Camps just like those in Nazi Germany where the citizens believed in those who where in control and followed the soldiers onto long trains and then were terminated with Big Pharma's deadly drugs and gases after they were slave labored within these Death Camps. Fellow Americans, DO NOT EVER let the Democrats use their 'staged' shootings to fool dumbed down citizens to have your guns and firearms taken away. Without your guns, those in control can drag away all your family members even if they are not infected using the same reason as 'FOR THE GOOD OF ALL'.

For centuries these same mafia families staged wars before the death of each currency in order to hide the collapsing system. You must know that those who control the Queen of England who controls Justin Trudeau always funded 'both' sides of the war. That is why you see criminal bank buying up Gold, Silver and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
Make sure you have storable food, clean water, first aid, flashlight and batteries in case those criminal pedophiles who own and control the vaccine & drug companies, hospitals and doctors decide they want to 'quarantine ( imprison )' your city so you won't starve to death. Citizens of the world need to demand for 'smaller' governments as larger ones always wants to 'reduce' the world's populations with cancer causing vaccines ( Gardasil HPV ) that make young women 'infertile'. The likes of Bill Gates is using vaccines to make girls and women in Africa INFERTILE.

Even in Toronto airport, there seems to be no screening at all for people infected with Corona Virus. I'm beginning to suspect that even Justin Trudeau was order to allow this lab edited virus to enter into Canada unchecked so that the virus would spread to more people, in order to increase the scare for their TOXIC VACCINE SCAM.

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Please do not take what I have written as medical or financial advice as I am NOT a doctor or a financial adviser. Do you own research as this info is found all over the internet.