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What's the current infection count in Arizona? I'm currently on the CDC site and it's on 9.

Also...what's looking like at supermarkets...and corner shops?



PS: How are you holding up? (All stocked with what you need for the month?)


Hi Leigh. Yes, the last I heard Arizona is at 9 cases. I do not think there is very much testing happening in Arizona. The numbers can be misleading if most of the population of the state is not tested.

The latest update is that as of Sunday, all the K-12 schools in Arizona are closed. The schools in most of the state were on spring break this past week. Many traveled (especially college students) and it will be interesting to see how well it is contained with school being closed.

I went to the store on Friday night and there were empty shelves, especially the bread and the frozen food sections.

How are things there in your part of Australia?