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Glad you are doing well. I'm going crazy here (my work closed their doors last week), We got snow last night so went and shoveled the long walk between my apt complex and the grocery store behind us for some exercise. No one ever shovels that area.

You may not see this if you are using Steemit as your front end, but if you do and we don't get to interact anymore (I've moved to Hive), it was a pleasure reading your blog. Stay well and best of luck in all your endeavors.



I can see you just fine through steemit. I’m on Hive as well and was told that I can continue blogging as I have. I guess you can see me fine on Hive then! I posted this entry via Partiko because eSteem didn’t give me an option to make a fresh new post. Esteem defaults to an old post for editing and updating. Strangely enough, even though I posted via Partiko, the post does not show up on Partiko. Looks like my whole Steemit / Hive / Partiko world is weird but I’ll find my way around the glitches.

You’re kind to shovel the snow. That is a lot of work. You will be now very tired and rest well and hopefully not feel it badly afterwards. Hopefully you won’t feel restless. Turn off the news or only follow those that don’t depress you. The world looks crazy and people are divided but there are different camps of thought on how to process what is going on.

The world is united as we face a common foe. Despite how terrible things are, remarkable changes are happening. I hope many of us will survive this protected by sheltering and celebrate better times in the future.

You are seeing my post written on Partiko. I’m answering you on steemit. Thanks for your hello. It’s nice I’m not alone in the internet wilderness. You can find me on Discord or Facebook if the solitude is too much and you need a good talking to get yourself together. Or write. It feels good to write.

Stay well and good health to you.


Update sent to my Hive discord group. Thx @derekrichardson