New Corona number update

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I thought it was time for an update on the Coronavirus numbers. There are of course many websites offering these numbers, but I noticed most don't normalize for inhabitants. And if they do, they would just normalize the cases and not the deaths.

Germany is a good example why deceased per 100k inhabitants is the best variable to order by. Germany has been testing vigorously. That means that they have way more mild cases covered by the number of Corona cases than many other countries. Counting the cases would give the impression that Germany is suffering from Corona pretty badly. But considering that the number of deceased people is a better reflection of how busy hospitals are, I think we should go for that number.

Also... the only number we kinda know for sure is the dead people. That doesn't require a test kit to figure out.


I added just the Hubai Province numbers to keep things a little more honest. Also added the totals of the World and Europe for comparison.

The lockdown column is Y for a full lockdown and P for a partial lockdown. I only have data for Europe on this. If you have a good worldwide source of actions taken per country, I would love to know!