My thoughts on the coronavirus: a message to my sister

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Hey Beck

I love you too and as such I won’t mince my words here.

"What are my thoughts on the cononavirus?"

It’s weird you should ask this question today. Aside from being the third family member to ask me in the last week, yesterday I felt a heaviness like nothing I’ve ever felt. I can only equate it to the feeling one might have if their government had just announced their country was at war. Though while previous wars have been fought against people with weapons, this one will be against an invisible enemy, driven mostly by fear, confusion & naivety.

From what I can see there are two main schools of thought in the ‘truth community’. One foresees the death of lots of people due to the virus itself, while the other makes a mockery of the virus, saying it is nothing more than a common cold, over-hyped to create panic and implement new civilian control measures. However, even the second group seem to acknowledge it will likely cause the death of many people, due to other factors.

My opinion is this:

There is never anything to fear! We are blessed to live in such exciting times.

The virus is a globalist tool, created in a lab and released intentionally.

The goal is to tighten the overall control mechanism while reducing the population. However, the virus itself is just the catalyst and most people will die from issues related to food shortages & the general panic induced chaos which follows the breakdown of industry.

If the virus is indeed designed to cull us we can be sure the mainstream news reports are not reflecting accurate statistics regarding number of deaths or the age and previous health conditions of people dying. While I do believe it might very well be nothing more than a common cold, it would be prudent to prepare for the worst while expecting the best.

I have an Italian friend (on decentralised social media) who is 600km from the nearest outbreak, yet their supermarket shelves have been empty for three days.

Our nearest confirmed case is 20km from here, so two days ago we spent another €100 on more food (in a half stocked supermarket) adding it to our growing collection of survival stuff: water filters, solar power, medicine, cash & useful books (saved as PDFs on an iPad).

I took this picture just before adding these boxes to the rest, in a place where even looters won't find them.

Many things are coming to a head at the same time

We are moving into a global recession. This has been overdue for a long time but only now that the alibi is in place can the calculated collapse commence. People will lose their jobs or simply stop going to work (due to virus fear). Countries around the world will print more and more money to counter the problem, creating hyper-inflation, devaluing their currencies. Eventually the global financial system will collapse altogether. Fingers crossed this will be the time to shine for crypto! Whatever replaces the financial system will certainly be digital and very likely blockchain based.

Due to the ongoing collapse of agriculture the price of food will go through the roof, if it is available at all. It should be noted that the knock-on effect of malnutrition is increased susceptibility to viruses. Ultimately the Elite plan to take over food production, replacing traditional farmers with indoor (high-tech) agriculture. The recent shift in mainstream media coverage pushing us towards veganism is all part of this agenda. Obviously veganism is awesome, but not if you're eating their GMO chemically produced indoor crap.

The weather will continue to become more and more erratic (due to the deepening Grand Solar Minimum) causing numerous unique problems worldwide. Here in the South of France our main road into Spain is still blocked due to landslides (caused by unprecedented rainfall two months ago) and our water supply from the mountain is inconsistent now, due to ongoing repair work on the canal since the flooding.

By the time the (toxic) vaccine is produced people will be so desperate for it there will be very little resistance when it is made mandatory.

Our ability to travel among other members of the public will be dependent on being vaccinated.

Digital IDs will become compulsory and those who are not vaccinated (verifiable through the ID) will be vilified & targeted.

A social credit score will be introduced to decide who gets food and who doesn't.

The military will be used to maintain order when people start looting.

I expect this situation to last for at least a few years.

What can you do to prepare?

The emphasis in the media is on hygiene and stocking up on essentials. While this is important, the key to sustaining a healthy body is through creating food independence. So, plant seeds now, everywhere you can think of, going for the kind of plants which have high nutrition or medicinal value. Use vertical gardening techniques where you have available wall space.

Organic seeds will become more valuable than gold so start stashing them now. Quick point on this: Two heirloom varieties I ordered through Amazon have not arrived and it turns out they have carefully designed the system so that they take zero responsibility for this. I have contacted the European suppliers but getting no response because the companies are likely shut. So, if you're going to order seeds online, don't use Amazon and make sure to contact the company first, just to check they are still operating.

This article has some great tips on natural prevention methods and treatment for the viral infection. It also provides a really simple recipe for making hand saniser. Here in our region hand sanitser & masks sold out days ago and we are being told it could take months to get more, as they usually come from China.

The bottom line is that any measures to boost the immune system should be taken as this is our best defence. One should therefore avoid things which deplete the immune system. Things like stress, tiredness, processed sugar, lack of body movement, malnutrition...

Personally I am stocking up on Vitamin C, Spirulina and Chaga Mushroom, all great at keeping the immune system strong.

I started an account @survival-archive with the intention of sharing those PDF books I mentioned. Am doing my best to share one per day, all the while encouraging others to save them on a tablet or smart phone and buy basic solar, so they are covered in the event of a power outage. Access to this kind of info could prove invaluable one day. Happy to send over my entire collection of books if you should desire.

I don't really understand the obsession with masks as the virus is not airborne. It can live for up to two weeks on surfaces, which if touched will not necessarily infect the next person. Only if the person then rubs their eyes, nose or mouth with their hands. So, regular hand cleaning is important (if one is being exposed to public areas) and a heightened sense of awareness around what our hands are doing!

In the long term I would aim to move somewhere off the beaten track, where food can be grown with ease and there are not too many people around. Mum's place ticks most of the boxes.

That being said, personally I would leave the UK and head South to a warmer climate where the growing seasons are longer. You and your family will always be welcome here in the Pyrenees. You know we would make a great team ;)


All of this rather reminds me of a lovely song you introduced me to:

The eloquent message here is that we must always question the mainstream voice because it absolutely cannot be trusted. Amazing how well it fits our current situation despite being written in 2015.

Love you Beck x

"We Don't Believe You" by Will Varley

Well I don't know what I’m scared of, but I know that I am scared
All the headlines feel like nightmares when I'm lying in my bed
If the virus doesn't kill us someone might chop off our heads
But no-one chops down Yew trees on Parliament Square

And they’ll lie all day in Westminster, and they'll lie all day in court
And they'll lie about it later on the evening news reports
Til there's a hundred thousand bodies lying on the desert floor
And they'll point their guns at Russia and they'll start another war

And In the media offices all the paintbrushes are there
To fill the lines with black and white and fill our minds with fear
And pump us full of fashion and a dull sense of despair
'Til we're well behave consumers with no questions and no cares

But we don’t believe you / we don’t believe you
We don't believe you anymore
We don’t believe you / we don't believe you
We don't believe you anymore

And they'll pass the buck and cover it up and distort every hand
’Til the picture that they're painting is too hard to understand
And the canvas stretches over every border of every land
Cross the trade routes and religions and those bodies in the sand

And if we're after Britain first then we should probably be last
Before UK independence we should give back what isn't ours
Like the shirts and ties wear wearing made by slaves from afar
But those shirts and ties can't hide the emblems tattoo'd on their hearts

And we should give back all the oceans and the islands and the sky
Cause they don't belong to any man and no man has the right
To tell another human being that their access is denied
To any corner of this planet or any moment of their lives

And we don't believe you / we don't believe you
We don't believe you anymore
We don't believe you / we don't believe you
We don't believe you anymore

And the music on the adverts plays like prisoners of war
Who've been forced to sell the weapons that they used to abhor
And if you tried to ask questions then they'll back you into corners
And say you can't ask questions if you haven't got the answers

While imaginary money grows on electronic trees
And trickles through the masses and fuels the disease
Cause the only epidemic with no sign of a vaccine
Are the global corporations and their foreign policies

Well, we don't believe you / we don't believe you
We don't believe you anymore
We don't believe you / we don't believe you
We don't believe you anymore


Thank you for exposing your thoughts (which I fully agree) and suggesting practical solutions to problems that may be imminent.

A warm hug and... thanks for the invitation to join your wonderful family!


Sharing this with everyone felt important. Wasn't easy to write but I'm glad it's done.

Your warm hugs are always much appreciated :)

Resteemed for the wonderful warning and message.

Didn't realise you were a rep 70 over here! Great going bro.

We are the steem oldies hey ;)

Thanks for the resteem.