Corona Virus on my Doorstep

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As the Corona Virus spreads around the globe, here in Australia, it seems we aren't affected by it too much.

However, that changed for me today. It was discovered, yesterday, that a beautician had recently returned from Iran and had tested positive to Corona Virus. She is now in isolation in the Gold Coast University Hospital.

It was also revealed that she had went to work on Thursday and interacted with a number of people, possibly passing on the virus to unsuspecting client!

Once the workplace of this lady was revealed in the media today, we realised that it was the place where my wife visits to get her hair done and had spent 3 hours there on Thursday!

After realising this, we were advised to attend the hospital to get some information and determine the next course of action. As she had not had direct contact with the lady carrying the virus, we were sent home to 'monitor' my wife and if any flu-like symptoms present then we are to head back to hospital.

Hospital staff have determined that there was a very low-level of risk that she could have contracted the virus and to go about our normal daily lives.

We felt that authorities are taking this seriously but don't want to isolate and impact the everyday lives of people. It seems a low-level risk is acceptable....

I don't think this pandemic is an IF, but more of a WHEN. How will people be able to determine the difference between the normal flu and this virus strain come the flu season..... Are authorities around the world ready for a pandemic? Is it really worse than the mutations of regular flu we see each year?

Anyway, only the future has that answer in store!!

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Hope it will be all good for you guys.
When we got back from our trip in Vietnam, my son had some flu like symptoms, we called the GP instead of going to the surgery and he advised us to self-isolate for two weeks. Although risks are low, taking precaution is better. Luckily I was allowed to work from home.

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Interesting. We have been told to continue to go to school. No need for anything unless symptoms appear!

What if we are carrier but symptoms never appear? Asymptotic transmission is possible

Exactly my thoughts. It's concerning that authorities wouldn't do anything more than a 'watch and act'!

They won't and can't do anything. What order masks from China? Or products?

Do don't manufacture a lot of critical goods for health care that we need. And let's just say we're going to need quite a massive amount of them very soon.

Looks like all those body bags and coffins that Alex Jones was talking about will be needed from the FEMA camps

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Boom. Scary but gotta do the right thing. Treat the fever. Get better.

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Take care, eat veggies, keep your immune system up, that's the best you can do. Quarantines do not really work, as we have seen in real life and in a thousand movies. Most will probably catch this virus eventually.

So close to home. I hope everything's alright with you both.

I hope this all blows over before my trip in September (going to London!)

Let me know if you need anything mailed to you while you're in isolation, but knowing Aus Post, it probably wouldn't get to you in time to be useful. :D

Thanks for the offer. It's not all that bad. Only my wife has to be isolated which is interesting. If she tests positive, then I and the kids have to be isolated for two weeks. Until a positive test I am free to go about my normal business. Strange protocols. This thing will really take hold over winter.

Lol, that seems silly as a protcol. ... You'd expect the whole household to have to be in lockdown.

Silly governmentses ... golem would have a better approach, lol

That's nice and close O_O hope you're all able to avoid all flus and colds XD

First death in the USA was in Washington state. I'm in the southern part of that now ....yep. west coast should be on lockdown. But... Until the hospitals are flooded ..
.shrug.'s gonna get pretty bad.

Treat the fever. Quarantine no matter what.

And stock up food.

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Hope all will be good.

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