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Trump, himself, was a lobbyist.

During his campaign, president-elect Trump proposed a five-year ban on lobbying for executive branch officials, lawmakers, and their staff after they leave their government positions. This would certainly put a dent in revolving door activities, and GekeVenn will be watching anxiously to see if this ban is enacted. However, Trump and his business holdings do have a history of involvement in government influence.

The GekeVenn, above, lists lobbyists Trump hired to work on his campaign. Donald Trump, himself, appears on the graphic, as he registered as a lobbyist in Rhode Island in 2006 on behalf of a proposed casino interest for Trump Entertainment Resorts Holdings (in which he was a minority shareholder). The proposed casino project was never completed. lists lobbying efforts for the Trump Organization for only four years, 1998-2001, as shown on their chart below. Lobbying records indicate that lobbyists were hired during this time to influence potential regulation on gaming for Trump's casino interests.

It appears that Trump has not employed lobbyists since 2001 for his business interests. And while he did hire several former lobbyists to work on his presidential campaign, it should be clarified that these lobbyists were not acting on behalf of the Trump presidential campaign in their former lobbying positions. Their inclusion on the GekeVenn indicates only a familiarity with the field and purpose of lobbying, and a willingness to engage in that field.

The next four years should be interesting to watch.

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