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In bathing the corpse must be the intention to get closer to Allah SWT, because he belongs part of worship. Similarly, absolute, sacred and water halal. Eliminate unclean from the corpse first, and the absence of a barrier that can prevent the arrival of water to the skin of the corpse, all of which must be met in bathing the corpse.

  1. Terms Bathing the Bodies.
    a. The corpse is Islam
    b. Complete body or there are parts of his body even a little
    c. The body was not martyred (dead in the battle to defend the religion of Allah). 2. Classification in Bathing the Bodies.
    This classification aims to make a difference in bathing the corpse. This is because not all bodies can or should be bathed. Here are 2 things that need to be considered in bathing the corpse.
    a. The corpse may be bathed
    The corpse that must be bathed is Muslims and people who died not because of martyrdom in battle field.
    b. The body that does not need to be bathed the body that should not be bathed is a dead body martyrs in the battlefield because every injury or drop of blood will be fragrant with the smell of perfume on the Day of Judgment. The bodies of unbelievers are not required to be bathed. This had been done by the Prophet against his infidel uncle. A fetus under the age of four months does not need to be bathed, worn, and dishaled. Simply dug a hole and buried.
    c. The person who has the right to bathe
    Not everyone is entitled to
    bathe the corpse, this is intended to keep the secrecy of disgrace or disability that still exist in the body of the corpse. The purpose of keeping and limiting for the person who wants to bathe the corpse is so as not to happen slander that can embarrass the family of the corpse.
    The person who is entitled to bathe the corpse is:
  1. If the corpse is male, let her bathe the man too, the woman can not bathe the corpse of a man, except his wife and his muhrim. If a female corpse should be bathed by women, men should not bathe a female corpse except their husbands or muhrims.

  2. The person who is entitled to bathe the corpse is the person who has been appointed by the corpse himself before his death (based on his will).

  3. Then his father, because he would know more knowing the corpse than the child of the corpse. Then the closest family of the corpse.

  4. The body of a woman is bathed by her will. Then his mother then his daughter after that the closest family and her husband.

  1. Preparation Before Bathing the Bodies
    Before bathing the corpse, some preparations have to be made.
    As for things that need to be prepared before the bath process is:
    a. Soap or other ingredients to clean the body of the corpse.
    b. Clean enough water for bathing process. May use water flowed by the hose, may also prepare water using a large bucket of Simply origin.
    c. Place bathing the body, do not open, rather high, strong and waterproof.
    d. Towels to dry the body and hair of the corpse.
    e. Cotton, camphor, lettuce leaves, or other fragrances and powder.
    f. Shroud, prepared according to sex.
    Additional (if required):
    Masks and gloves to bathe the corpse to avoid unwanted things in the treatment of the corpse.
  2. Procedures In Bathing the Bodies
    a. Take the cloth and replace it with a basalt cloth so that it is not visible.

b. Read the intentions before bathing him, namely: "Nawaitu ghusla minal mayyiti fardhu kifayati lillahita'ala". Read the Prophet's prayer when taking water to level it to the body while rubbing the body with soap.

a. Flatten the water on the body by pronouncing the prayer.
On the right:
"Gufranaka ya Rahman rabbana wa ilaikal matsir" 3x
On the left:
"Gufranaka ya Rahim rabbana wa ilaikal matsir" 3x.
In the middle:
"Gufranaka ya Allah rabbana wa ilaikal matsir" 3x

b. HEALTH ', by reading d prayer:
"Nawaitu istanya'a minal mayyiti wal bauli wal gaiti fardhu kifayati lillahita'ala".
c. Flatten camphor water, sandalwood, lyre leaves, or fragrances.
d. Flatten clean water from head to toe.
e. Provide ablution water by reading prayer:
"Nawaitu wudhua lirrafa'i hadatsi asghari fardhu kifayati lillahita'ala".
f. Flatten clean water again from head to toe.
g. Gives water Nine (0i ciwi).

  • Three times the right part with the pronunciation "Gufranaka ya Rahman rabbana wa ilaikal matsir" 3x
  • Three times the left with pronunciation "Gufranaka ya Rahim rabbana wa ilaikal matsir" 3x
  • Three times the middle with the pronunciation "Gufranaka ya Allah rabbana wa ilaikal matsir" 3x
    h. Providing the last wudu water by reciting the prayer:
    "Nawaitu wudhu'a Iirrafa'i asghari fardhu kifayati lillahita'ala".

i. Dry the body with a towel.


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