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ICO Dates: 3rd April 2018 0:00 GMTTO 12th June 2018 0:00 GM
The token price:1 ETH=1000 Countinghouse
ICO goal: Hard-Cap50,000,000 CHT

Token: Security (as unit holdings in the fund), ERC20 Ethereum token.
Website :

Counting house Official Youtube

One of the fundamental use-cases because of cryptocurrency has been because investment purposes, along a number regarding ICOs coming leading in accordance with provide humans together with the gamble after make investments in ways those may additionally no longer have committed previously.


What Is Countinghouse Fund?
Countinghouse Fund is an already-established foreign exchange direct hedge fund which uses coded algorithms and mathematical techniques to force profit from volatility and movement in the market. We are raising capital for a new fund in order to apply our existing techniques to the world of cryptocurrency, which shows greater volatility than fiat currency exchange.

Value- Our ICO represents excellent value and is a good vehicle for increasing social mobility, as traditionally a fund such as ours would require an initial investment of greater than $300,000. Due to the decentralised and peer-to-peer nature of the ICO market,investors can invest as much or as little as they wish. For an example, an investor may only have $1000 total in liquid capital to invest, which would usually exclude them from any managed fund or venture capital. However, due to the progressive nature of the ICO market, this investor can diversify into separate ICO offerings, Countinghouse Fund and four others at $200. This gives this investor a diversified portfolio at previously inaccessible prices.

Experience- Countinghouse Fund benefits from the combined decades of experience and adaptability of its traders. Mathematical risk-mitigation and trading algorithms have been developed in response to ever-changing market conditions on the foreign exchange, the same principles and algorithms that have now been adapted to the crypto-currency exchange.

Established- 90% of our existing business structure can be transferred over to the crypto-currency arm of our fund, meaning more of investor funds will be directly invested into our strategies. This means your capital will get to work straight away with us, delivering potential returns as soon as our crypto-algorithms are turned on.

Fluid- Holdings in an ICO fund can be liquidated and acquired at any juncture, in amounts as small or large as the investor requires, providing Countinghouse Fund token-holders far greater flexibility and market-responsiveness than found in traditional share holdings. This allows Countinghouse investors to enjoy an adaptable and highly liquid portfolio when holding our ICO tokens. This also allows for a live update at any time of the value of the investors holding.
Our Tokens- Countinghouse Fund’s tokens are standard ERC20 tokens, which can be acquired globally.

Investment Security Priority- Crypto-currency holding will be kept across multiple wallets for security purposes, where practical we will be using hardware and cold wallets to increase security (this will not always be practical due to the requirement of a human element).Countinghouse Fund will hold fiat currency in non-lending, 100% liquidity banks, these banks have higher fees but they are the world’s most secure global banks, which will allow us to successfully trade arbitrage between crypto and fiat currencies and deliver substantial profits to token-holders without the restriction of bank-run holds in financial downturns (this can happen with lending banks as the need to protect their reserve limit).

Countinghouse Fund is a direct-hedging fund. We vicinity more than one trades the usage of direct-hedging techniques according to offset need irrationality and sudden changes in occupation directions. We hold been the usage of this strategies effectively on the foreign-exchange markets, yet we are now bringing this trading methods over in conformity with the crypto-exchange world. We are not a trading platform, we makes use of brokers after facilitate trades of exchanges. We are no longer an selections hedge-fund yet a jeopardy headquarters fund.

The Countinghouse Fund difference lies of our putting direct trades by means of brokers on exchanges and opposite shore our profits regarding to investors, or in not relying of hang or function trading. This offers income among both bull yet bear markets. With Countinghouse, doubt is king, and absence is greater risky than the crypto-markets correct now.

Wisper Connect
Wisper provides Countinghouse together with a completed tail over IT options so much are critical in accordance with how much Countinghouse operates. We bear aged the capabilities furnished by means of them out of before they have been even recognized by means of the honor Wisper.

Countinghouse is dead protective over our advanced trading techniques or the sensitive facts we keep over our investors. We at the beginning paired up together with Wisper in conformity with assist address it concerns, yet we discovered so Wisper used to be extra than up in imitation of the task!

Now Wisper take care of deep components about our cyber safety from, black-boxed, notable secure, buying and selling servers to information safety then retention. They hold additionally been a affluence concerning knowledge and ride of blockchain technologies. It is in no tiny section thanks according to them up to expectation we are elevating that modern crypto-fund on the blockchain. The technical grasp and security provided via Wisper,

combined along the excessive overall performance then trip about Countinghouse is a potential combination yet we intention proceed in accordance with action collectively in conformity with convey our investors market flogging returns yr over year.

How Countinghouse Fund reduces risk using mathematical principles

From inception, Countinghouse Fund has maintained that mathematical risk-mitigation is a cornerstone of securing steady growth and yielding consistent returns. We do this by a number of means.

Mathematically weighting portfolios with negative correlations

Each currency pair is traded by its own dedicated automated algorithm. However, there are also algorithms that oversee the portfolio and quantitatively analyse the results of each individual pair and weight (increase/decrease the amount of money in that pair) the portfolio to have the maximum negative correlation. This means that statistically, when one pair is losing money, the other pair is making money to counteract that loss.


-Cross-Portfolio God-Stops
This is another Countinghouse Fund innovation. As mentioned with the portfolio-weighting above, we have algorithms that oversee the fund as an entirety. One of the things these algorithms are programmed to do is to create a whole-fund safety-net, whereby which if the whole fund starts entering a statistically-improbable loss, the ‘God-Stop’ will close all active trades, allowing this data to be logged into our learning-data set, so our algorithms can be adjusted to avoid such a recurrence. We call it the God-Stop because it is all-seeing and all-knowing.

Our Mission

Our goal is to Maximilian investor profits through mathematical risk management and application of algorithmic trading methods to the crypto-currency market, and to further legitimate the blockchain as a viable investment and currency alternative.


ICO Details Overview
Countinghouse Fund’s tokens will be offered on Ethereum Blockchain ERC20, issued after the ICO launch.

3rd April 2018 0:00 GMT to 12th June 2018 0:00 GMT
Our fund is located in the Seychelles
Ticker: CHT
The token-price: 1 ETH=1000 Countinghouse Fund (CHT) tokens
Hard-Cap: 50 million CHT tokens

Distribution of raised capital:
Passive reserve (Debentures, and ICO investment):
10%Double-Sided Arbitrage strategy:
30%Crypto-Currency algorithmic trading: 60%

*Note that because Countinghouse Fund is already an established business, all funding will be used to yield profit immediately after our ICO launch Countinghouse yields profit as a business by taking a performance-based commission from the fund of 7% of the profit made that month.

Token cost:
All existing Countinghouse investors, and new investors that take advantage of our pre-sale(3rd April to 9th of May)will be issued 30% more tokens (1 ETH = 1300 CHT).

The next 7 days will have an early inventor bonus of 15% (1 ETH= 1150 CHT)

After the pre-sale and the early investor bonus period, the rest of our token-cap will be sold at

1 ETH = 1000 CHT.

If you wish to participate, head to our website at www. Countinghouse, which will link you to our ICO portal. Please deal only directly through us to avoid any potential issues. For experienced Crypto-Currency traders, you can find our Smart-Contract linked here


December 2008

3 Traders combine efforts and form DPP, a private partnership to take advantages of economies of scale

August 2013

Countinghouse is formed due to a high demand from investors for a hedge fund run by the team at DPP capital, using their , non-predictive ‘profit-from-movement’ technique.


Countinghouse consistently yields profits of 70%-120%PA. Attracting more investors and notoriety in the professional investment community.

January 2017

Countinghouse starts a year-long experiment, using one of their fiat currency algorithms to trade BTC/USD

Later in 2017

Countinghouse continues to investigate the Crypto-market as the success of their experiment is beginning to become apparent.

End of 2017

The results from the experiment are amazing, Countinghouse begin planning the new fund and ICO, along with developing our multi-sided arbitrage technique for crypto-exchanges.

Jan to Feb 2018​

Countinghouse offers a private sale to existing investors to join the new fund. Countinghouse raises just over $4,300,000.00 toward the new fund.

April 2018

Expected launch of Countinghouse Fund ICO.

May 2018

ICO ends, funds are transferred into multiple wallets and accounts to be traded. Trading starts straight away once funds moved

May 2018

Multiple pairs to be traded and stage one of arbitrage begins (this is a simpler stage while the opportunities are there)

2018 to 2019

Fund continues trading and as simple arbitrage opportunities evaporate we engage stage two arbitrage (more complex and less detectable arbitrage)


As the fund grows we will need to constantly re-balance and spread across multiple exchanges to reduce slippage.

Countinghouse Team



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