County Executives of America made a Monetary Agreement with TVM-LSM-666 & accepted the gold offer?

in #countylast month

"The County Executives of America confirmed this letter"

"show them this press release, cleared for embargo by the County Executives of America"

"As in @KarenHudes
' credible sources? The County Executives know her & negotiate with her...just sayin'."

"US citizens requiring County Executives of America to access Global Debt Facility b4 crash of Federal Reserve Notes"

"Contact your County government & tell them to contact County Executives of America, who are negotiating the Monetary Agreement."

"County Executives of America accepted Monetary Agreement"

"Major Cities Chiefs r not doing their part; County Executives of America must hold them accountable by confirming acceptance of US' gold."

"County Executives of America have accepted the gold on offer to the people"


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