The second Covid-19 vaccine after Pfize-BioNtech vaccine to get rolled out in US - Moderna vaccine

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The last two weeks were buzzing of vaccine inoculation news with Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine getting rolled out in the UK and the USA. This week starts with another vaccine, the Moderna vaccine getting rolled out in the US. The most badly affected Covid-19 country; USA is now powered with two Covid-19 vaccines to wrestle the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Some cases of severe allergic reactions arose after jab of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine

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The Pfizer-Biotech vaccine got rolled out in the US last week with over 128,000 people vaccinated.

Till now, 5 people have displayed allergic reactions to this vaccine, the cause of which is being scrutinized by the drug regulatory body of the US - the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a notification apprising all those who have suffered acute allergic side effects after the vaccine’s first shot to not take the second shot of the Pfizer vaccine.

Keeping in view of these developments, Britain's Regulatory body has advised those people with a known record of having severe allergic reactions to medicine, food or have anaphylaxis, against taking the Pfizer vaccine.

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Pfizer vaccine has kicked off Covid-19 inoculation drive in 8 countries of the World

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Pfize vaccine is now authorised for use by eight countries. Inoculation drive has begun in Britain,
Canada, Bahrain, the US, Mexico, Malaysia, Switzerland and Israel with the Pfizer vaccine getting administered.

Now, the world will have the Moderna vaccine for inoculation to fight against Covid-19. Large-scale clinical trials conducted by the company have shown that the vaccine has no severe long-term side effects, while it is 95% effective in preventing someone from getting Covid-19, the vaccine also shows that it can prevent severe cases of Covid-19 from occurring.

Possible to store Moderna vaccine in normal freezers unlike Pfizer-Biotech vaccine

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Pfizer-Biotech vaccine needs to be stored in sub-arctic temperatures of -70 celsius which is a challenge as standard freezers can’t store at such low temperatures. The vaccine requires specialized freezers or a lot of dry ice for maintenance of the required temperature. The Moderna vaccine requires to be stored at -20 degree celsius which is possible to be maintained by standard freezers, so it's an easier vaccine to store and distribute.


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To your contextual analysis, one must add Biden's recent statements and stark warning that "The darkest days of the pandemic are upon us," his starkest view was that "tens of thousands of lives will be lost in the coming months and the vaccine will not be able to stop that," on the other hand, he also said he has "absolute confidence in the vaccine, but supplies are few. These statements create more imbalances to the already well-trodden issue of vaccines.