Its day 3 of lock-down

in #covid-19last year

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak many countries are forced to have a lock-down. This lock-down is to ensure that the virus doesn't spread. As the VOVID-19 is extremely contagious. The world has already 680696 cases ,with USA having the most numbers of 123781 then Italy 92472 and China where all this started 81439 .

The total deaths caused by COVID-19 is 31920 . The most deaths are in Italy 10023 then Spain 5562 and China 3300. So we can all see this is a very dangerous virus.

Here in South Africa its no different. We have a 21 day lock-down. However , here people are taking no heed . Firstly, we have areas we call squatter champ where houses are made up from corrugated roof sheeting . These areas are densely populated . In many cases in a single dwelling of around 5m x5m you might find a family of 5 people living in . Some champs have 5 adults that share the dwelling . So people find it difficult to stay indoors.

Now the question comes , if 1 person is infected how deadly and dangerous can it be?. Many of these people work all around South Africa and after the 21 day lock-down the virus can be spread much more rapidly. So will this lock-down really work?

For now we may be safe in our homes and I pray we never see the day ,we might become victims.

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