Its day 7- COVID-19 lock-down SOUTH AFRICA

in #covid-19last year (edited)

I had to go out this morning to do some 'essential' work.

Needed to pay monthly utilities ,school fees ect. Took the opportunity to go buy milk and bread . The supermarkets were full. For the first time in my life I needed to stand in queues outside and by the time we entered the supermarket we were trenched . Yes it was raining. However, once we entered the store was quiet. Each isle had less then 3 people in it. It seems like only a certain number of people are allowed inside the supermarket.

Most items seemed to be the same prices. With fresh produce price been hiked up. I have also noticed some shelves empty. Other produces had smaller varieties to choose from . I wonder by the time the 21-day lock-down is over ,will the supermarkets have enough stock.

South Africa has also been down graded to junk status. The impacted has not been felt yet. The Rand is trading above R18 to the dollar. With the Stock exchange closed and we being down graded to junk status we are surely in for a Hugh drop in the Rand when the stock exchange does open.

With Covid-19 and a downgrade to junk status South African are in for some difficult times. Our Rand is bound to buy us less .

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