Island with deadly volcano: Only vaccinated people allowed to be evacuated

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I'm not really a fan of the Covid vaccination and have not yet gotten one and don't intend to either. We never know what our crazy as hell governor will end up attempting to do in this state because for some reason North Carolina keeps electing the guy. Thankfully we have a majority conservative state Congress so anything that he might attempt to do with this is likely to be met with a tremendous amount of blowback, particularly in the east of the state where I live and a vast majority of the population are conservative.

I think that my county, which is damn near 100% conservative would probably ignore a vaccine order even if one was passed down. It would be a fantastic way for the state to force some sort of potentially violent situation to emerge.

I own my own business and up until now it has been left up to me if I want to require my workers to be vaccinated or not and well, I think you can tell from what I have written so far about what my stance on that is.

The world is going a bit nuts with this vaccine business though and while I do not know the details entirely about how it works or if it even does work at all, I do know a bit about compassion towards your fellow human beings and this story that I saw is the opposite of compassion.

There is an island in the Caribbean called St. Vincent. It isn't a huge island but like a lot of islands it has some level of potential volcanic activity.


The mountain is called La Soufriere and it erupted violently a few days ago spewing ash 20,000 feet into the sky. The government declared the island a "red zone" and this doesn't mean that they are less than 20 yards from a touchdown. These days, getting everyone to safety isn't really that difficult to accomplish. That is unless you have a world that is filled with Covid crazy idiots.

The government of the island nation determined that only people that have been vaccinated against Covid would be evacuated from the area and in my mind, and I think the mind of almost every other sane human being on the planet, this is just madness.

So what about the people who haven't been vaccinated? Are they just going to be left there to die? How is this not on every news station in the world? How is this not a crime against humanity?

When you look at online forums where people discuss the Covid vaccine the people who are opposed to it are often treated as though they are tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists and are often told they they "don't care about the lives of other people" because they don't want the vaccine. Well, how about this then? Do the people who are refusing to help people because they don't have their vaccine pass a compassionate bunch?

You can't claim to care about the lives of others when completely ridiculous situations like this arise. I wish these people the best of luck because it looks like their government, like most governments in the world, don't actually give a damn about them.