"Coronavirus: Armed Gestapo[police] Now Removing People From Homes"

in #covid5 months ago

"The newly formed American [Canada] gestapo are now coming into peoples homes to, if necessary, FORCIBLY remove people from their own home and into what they CLAIM will be hospitals, but, in effect will be concentration camps "



Video removed ... go figure

This is what California has to look forward to with the new "TRACKING" application they're going to use from cell phones..
Bill Gates is getting his way toward "Everyone Connected"....
I have to admit that they are far more conscientious than American COPS... in most places in the U.S. the cops would have just shot the dog and dragged the people out.

Any more details of where, when, who and how this took place. They sound like Canuck Black Shirts to me.

unfortunately all i know is that it is somewhere in Canada

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