So, I finally contracted Covid.

in #covidlast month

I'm currently in quarantine. I think day number four but who's counting. Lol After all of this time avoiding it and being careful it finally hunted me down.

The symptoms haven't been too crazy but it has definitely sucked pretty bad so far. Constantly coughing, and feeling bad with a foggy head. Hopefully it runs its course sooner than later.

I'm gonna try to keep busy and try to avoid cabin fever at all costs.

Have any of you had it yet? And what were the symptoms like for you?

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Hate to hear it. Stay strong and get well soon

I hope you get well soon my friend.. Glad to get updated information from your blog.

I can say that an effective traditional method for cough will make you very comfortable. Before going to sleep, put on vicks to the soles of your feet and rub it in. Then pull on your socks and go to sleep. You'll be better tomorrow. May you recover soon 💐

Are you vaccinated. If you are, you shouldn't have to worry too much - unless you have other health problems.

Keep us updated.

I wish you a speedy recovery. When you recover from this, you will have natural immunity, better than any of us. Looking on the bright side helps. 😊

I hope you feel better soon, and thank you for up voting my comments. I really appreciate it. My up votes only seem to low the reward amount, so I don’t see what the point of doing it is.

Greetings, friend, how is everything? how is your health? We hope that you are better, that you are well.

Get well soon. I think it's very difficult to avoid contracting covid, no matter how far we run. We just need to strengthen our immunity for our resistance against.

I am just catching your post today so I am a little late. I haven't seen anything that is more recent. Best wishes.

Hey there. Had it last September. Only had loss of smell and taste. My sense of smell came back after 4days. i hated it when my sense of smell came back. Every breath i take has this covid-after scent The rancidity its everywhere. 😫 Everyone i talked to who also lost smell didnt experience it. It lessened as weeks went. My doctor told me that recovery usually take a month or 2. Im just on my 1st month. Nose became extra sensitive too.

You have mild symptoms. Hopefully youll recover the soonest. 🙂

I hope you get better soon, stay calm is an important aspect for the body to recover in time. The days fly by and when you least expect you will be well recovered. A calm heart is life for the body says in the biblical book of Proverbs 10:30. Ah, listen to music, that relaxes you. May the God of the heights bless you.Amen.

Health is wealth take care

Hello friend, we hope you are well, and regarding the covid, I had symptoms but they were mild, it gave me discomfort and a headache, take care of me but they gave me symptoms, we are sure that you will be better.

Success💪 well done👍

Friend, we hope you are well, anyway, write to us to know how you are.

I wish you a speedy recovery and a normal life.
My father also contracted coronavirus a few days ago and he did not observe quarantine in the first place Because a local doctor said he had a normal fever, but was not tested for coronavirus. But later he recovered and was living a normal life with medical advice.

You should follow the quarantine as advised by the doctor and take much healthier food with friends, as well as take the medicine properly. Hope you get well soon.

Friend, are you okay? how are you? we are concerned about you, we have not had an answer about your health. Please write to us, give us a sign of life.

I was checking the comments like you. I hope he is okay and he reply us. I'm curious about him :/

@intrepidthinker, give these folks a response. Lol. He is well, and I'm sure he'll be posting some new content soon! 😊

Nice to hear that, thanks for your comment 🤗

No problem! 😁

Get well soon
I too was in quarantine last time. I was enough strong fightning covid, thanks to Almighty.

Hai sir @intrepidthinker, But later he recovered and was living a normal life with medical advice.

You should follow the quarantine as advised by the doctor and take much healthier food with friends, as well as take the medicine properly.

I've had symptoms like you, but now I'm healthy. The thing I did at that time was sunbathe every morning and keep my mind calm, because thoughts will affect everything.
Get well soon Brother

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