There is a Small Uptick, but doesn't match the testing data

in #covid3 months ago


Looking at real data on Covid and the massive spikes in cases.

While there does seem to be a slight up tick in deaths...

We are clearly following International trending and have not seen the predicted spikes.



I would have thought that the critical question of this visualisation is:

Given that the United States has roughly 3 or 4 percent of the world population, why is it so far above in the contribution towards the world total in deaths?

Assuming Americans are roughly the same biology as the rest of the world, this would indicate a larger proportion of infection spread?

Something strikes me a bit off about direct comparison of absolute death over time. I can't pin my finger on it at the moment though, but I think it might be tracking something that would be correlated anyway? Maybe? I need coffee first...

Generally speaking when an contagious epidemic is in play there are hotspots, but eventually things even out. Things that people would consider in differing mortality rates would be; general health of the population, age. some cultural things like sanitation, possibly population density and even climate...

Things never before considered... leadership and/or obedience

Hello there @whatsup, I just noticed that the main steemit account is now powering down, any idea why that might be? Thanks in advance.

Nope, but I noticed everyone jumped the worst possible conclusions.,,,

I guess we will find out.

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