My Country's Government Is Busy In Signing Deals For CoViD Vaccine For The Benefit Of Our People

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The CoViD pandemic is really turning our lives around, there is so much disruption in our lives particularly for my case where I am deemed as vulnerable or more at risk in getting the virus and my parents too for that matter because they are past their 70's in age and also very worried in contracting the virus because of me as they are my guardians whenever I go for my dialysis.

Now my government will just have to find a cure or solution for this Pandemic here in my country as many people gets tested positive for it and we are not capable of having the virus to spread even more because for certain the country's healthcare system especially the health insurance would get overwhelmed and because of that many people will succumb to the CoViD.

The only solution that my government can do is to sign deals with vaccine makers which is why we are now preparing for mass vaccinations getting it for almost for free particularly for vulnerable sectors of society, the poor, and for the healthcare workers, the police and the soldiers who are also taking part in restoring and doing order for the people so that chaos would be avoided.

I am confident that when the vaccine is here already in my country I will just have to take it no matter what. I have nothing to lose anyhow but to gain whether it is a flop vaccine or an effective one I am not concerned anymore considering that I assume that it got tested and is effective already even for a set of period of limited time only.

There is a degree of uncertainty if there would be a permanent cure for the virus because it is a virus and can mutate into another deadly pandemic virus. Maybe we can just have a vaccine for it yearly like for the flu vaccine and that might be an expensive thing to happen but it is just better than not having any solution at all. That is the worst-case scenario that I was contemplating about which is why it will not be an added burden for me but also for the government.

But I still have a hope in my heart that we can get through all these even if it gets heavy in our pockets. We just have to stand together, cooperate with one another and to the authorities that only wants to search for the best solution so that we can get into our normal lives unlike currently where we have a constant worry that we could one day get sick and that will be it for us until we succumb without even having to see our relatives for the last time and we do not want that to happen.


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