Mask Hysteria

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Almost nobody is dying of covid-19 anymore, but the mainstream media is ramping up fear in the populace in order to justify a permanent state of emergency, dramatic societal reconstruction, mandatory masks and injections, and a stranglehold on the free market.

We aren't allowed to protest, but our way of life is being manipulated, changed, and harmed in many ways. For example, 5G towers are suddenly being installed across the land. Soon, a new kind of intense untested radiation will penetrate every living thing in North America, causing unknown changes in the short and long term. This isn't a theory - this is actually about to happen, right now. We're told not to be paranoid about the radiation, but they said the same thing when we predicted 5G would be installed without proper testing or public consultation. We were right. But if we protest, or even talk about protest on social media, our homes can be raided and we can be taken by the state.

I repeat: Almost nobody is dying.

Even going by the official (greatly-inflated) numbers, almost nobody is dying.

The first wave was much less deadly than predicted by government experts. In some cases, orders of magnitude less deadly. Now, the second wave is COMPLETELY non-existent.

Sweden has more-than-proved that lockdowns don't work. They were criticized by everybody else for a while, but now they're laughing while their critics have fallen silent.

In Sweden, their economy wasn't destroyed, their way of life wasn't altered, and they had very little government intrusion. There is no lockdown or other restrictions to lift. There is no second wave. Their deaths are now 95% behind them, their healthcare system didn't collapse, and the curve flattened itself. Sweden was right.

The latest data here in British Columbia:

Like I said, almost nobody is dying. We're cancelling weddings and funerals, for no good reason. Half of all restaurants will never reopen, for no good reason. Millions of people lost their way of life, for no good reason. I haven't had a hug from anyone but my wife since 2019, for no good reason. The list could go on and on.

Look at the gap between deaths (down near 0) and the inflated "total cases" number, way up top.

The huge number of cases (propelled by massive mobile testing of people without symptoms in the community) is spiking, no doubt there. That's to drive fear. But what it means, if you really think clearly about it, is that even though a HUGE number of people are infected, almost nobody is dying.

I need to say it yet again.

Even though many people have been infected, almost nobody is dying!

And that comes from the official data. All you have to do is negate the fear they're trying to force upon you, and use some logic and common sense.

The reason nobody is dying in Sweden anymore is the same reason nobody is dying in Canada anymore - almost everybody has already had it. Other than a few people who have managed to successfully avoid all humans since Christmas - and I mean not going out in public once, not seeing another living being once - literally everybody in society has already had the virus. Most didn't have any symptoms, just like in Sweden.

It's over, but the social engineering and permanent state of emergency show no sign of slowing down. In fact, in parts of Canada, gatherings of more than 25 people OUTSIDE will now get you at least $30000 in fines! Thinking of a small, private, backyard wedding service? Think again. Maybe in 2021? (Yeah, right!)

And the mainstream media goes on stoking people's fear, and providing puke-worthy articles like "proper mask use, etiquette, and care". Heavy nonstop fear and distraction is their assignment. Informing the public isn't even on their radar anymore. The media has become the 4th branch of government.

Say no to Mask Hysteria

I was the only person without a mask on in a crowded private masks-optional health clinic today. I could feel pairs of beady accusatory eyes on me from all angles. I felt like asking the crowd around me, "If it's THAT contagious, and THAT dangerous, what are you doing all crammed together in a waiting room? Do you need a backrub so badly you're willing to risk your life for it? But I still can't hug my parents, and my wedding has to be put off at least another year?"

But I was silent in my masklessness, at least today. Logic can't get through to these people. If it could, we wouldn't be in this horrible situation.



Now I ask the manda-maskers "how low does the death rate have to go for you to feel safe enough to let me have my life back? Must we be able to resurrect people from the dead?"

Maybe we ARE dead? This feels like Hell sometimes. Well, often.
They say "Hell is other people", and I get it now. We can be awake, we can be prepared, we can be conscious, but if the majority around us is going along with the program, we're going with them. It's like how democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. The numbers of conscious people who can think clearly has been increasing in recent years, thanks to the internet shedding light on corruption and conspiracy. I think covid19 is the pushback, the reaction, to people waking up. They had to make their move before we got the majority.

I hope you are right. I've lost nearly ALL of my friends over this. Maybe I should have been a conservative my whole life instead of registered Democrat for 47 years now. I'm SHOCKED at how passionately brain dead they have all gone.

Another good thing covid will expose is that our bodies are medically toxic so that many of us can no longer effectively fight off a bad cold or flu. We call these poisoned people "the vulnerable", but the very entity we trust is the entity that made them vulnerable in the first place. Wolves indeed.

For sure!

But don't give the conservatives any credit. They're all brain dead statists. The belief that powerful people in positions of authority can run our lives better than we can is a myth. It has never worked sustainably except in very controlled tyrannical dictatorships, but let's not go there. Liberty is the political belief we should adhere to, no matter what country we're from. The left right divide is just that, yet another something to divide us. Two wings of the same eagle, or is it a fighter jet, or a demon, I can't tell anymore.

Yes for sure, both parties are useless, and both parties got us here. But conservatives have a much clearer understanding of the importance of freedom than liberals do. I think our only hope lies on the right, not in their party, but in their respect for diversity of thought. Unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican party does not force a narrow dogma on its voters.

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