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Hi Cryptopers,

this time I will discuss a project that follows the current trend. We all know that we are at an emergency pandemic covid19, which is very dangerous and highly recommended to avoid. Well, I will discuss about this pandemic and also the project related to COVID19 in this article. Before entering the discussion of the COVIR project. Let's take care of each other's distance to the corona chain.

Coronaviruses are named for the spikes that protrude from their surfaces, including a crown or even the sun's corona. They can infect both animals and humans, and can cause disorders of the respiratory tract.

At least four kinds of coronaviruses cause quite mild infections each year, like the frequent cold. Most people get infected with one or more of these viruses at any point in their lives.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012, can also be brought on by a coronavirus.

The new virus has been called SARS-CoV-2. The illness it causes is called Covid-19.

Some tips to prevent this virus from infected:

  • Hand wash 20 seconds and do it as often as possible or after we interact.
  • Bathing after we do the event, or activities involving many people.
  • Spray disinfection on the spot detected there Corona virus.
  • Wear masks every home out.

Well, above are some tips to prevent the virus from being infected by Corona. Apart from that, I will also introduce to you a project that also helps the development of disinfection to help some other companies also the surrounding community to be awake from this pandemic, the project is COVIR.

What is COVIR?

COVIR.IO is Your exclusive partner of for Its funding of Autonomous disinfection systems Global licences based on tezos blockchain.

The 2019--20 coronavirus pandemic is a continuing international outbreak of coronavirus disorder 2019 (COVID-19), brought on by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus two (SARS-CoV2).The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, Hubei, China, in December 2019, and has been known as a pandemic from the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March 2020. As of 22 March, over 321,000 instances of COVID-19 have been reported in over 180 countries and territories, leading to over 13,600 deaths.

Learn More in Covir Website:

Learn More in Covir Website:

What is Octopusrobots?

 is a French public limited company with a board of directors, active for 33 years. Located in CHOLET (49300) France, the company has always been specialized in high technologies (e.g. non-contact measuring systems). In 2012, it moved into the HealthCare sector by developing patented technologies in the area of High Level Disinfection (HLD) on various surfaces, with an innovative airborne disinfection system and sold it through a network of distributors worldwide. Nowadays, OCTOPUS ROBOTS develops and markets mobile, autonomous, smart and modular robots for use in various industries such as agricultural business, defense and surveillance. It is an innovation dedicated for businesses with a unique patented technology (PCT). Its objective is to micro-aerosolize/deliver liquid substances (biocides/sterilant, vaccines, phytosanitary and pest control products…) in the form of a dry fog to treat the whole space by moving the scattering sphere to get as close as possible to the target (efficient to treat large volumes such as public establishments “ERP” – airports, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.)

OCTOPUS ROBOTS is an AgTech and a pioneer company in the field of Biosafety, which has been listed on the stock exchange since March 14, 2018 on the Euronext Paris ACCESS compartment. Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube is powered by Pagest.environnement SA registered in Geneva Switzerland. Pagest.environnement SA was founded in 2000 ; K : 260 000 CHF and is active since. It is involved in sustainable devlopment projects, environment , green energy and biosecurity . President Jacques Point is graduated from UNI Geneve and operated in green blockchain projects for many years.Is a French public limited company with a board of supervisors, lively for 33 decades. In 2012, it moved to the health care industry by developing innovative technologies in the region of High Level Disinfection (HLD) on various surfaces, using an advanced aerial disinfection system and marketed it via a network of distributors worldwide. These days, OCTOPUS ROBOTS develops and markets portable, autonomous, modular and smart robots for use in a variety of industries like agricultural company, surveillance and defense. It's a innovation dedicated for companies with a distinctive patented technology (PCT). Its goal is to micro-aerosolize/deliver liquid compounds (biocides/sterilant, vaccines, phytosanitary and insect management products...) in the kind of a sterile fog to see to the entire area by transferring the scattering sphere to get as near as possible to the goal (effective to deal with large volumes like public institutions"ERP" -- airports, shopping mallsand hospitals, etc..)OCTOPUS ROBOTS is a AgTech plus also a pioneer company in the business of Biosafety, which was recorded on the stock market since March 14, 2018 about the Euronext Paris ACCESS compartment. Pagest.environnement SA was set up in 2000; K: 260 000 CHF and continues to be busy since. It's involved in sustainable devlopment jobs, environment, green electricity and biosecurity. President Jacques Point is graduated in UNI Geneve and worked in green blockchain jobs for several decades.

In 2004 OctopusRobots functioned on a face disinfection alternative. In 2014 Octopus Robots turned into the poultry manufacturing industry, with a variety of robots to the decontamination of poultry coops. Since the beginning of the health catastrophe, people have started to view our robot for disinfecting buildings welcoming the people. We've got connections in France and Italy, and possible clients even came from China a couple weeks ago. A return to the initial job i.e. the technology of Octopus Robots machines relies on micro-nebulization, especially the introduction of a sterile mist, using miniature calibrated drops of 12 micrometers in diameter. Without dyes, the rule prevents corrosion. The item used is compatible with digital and electric apparatus. It matches anywhere, in drawers, cabinets, disinfects cloths and all surfaces without any assaulting or damaging them. The machine is quite exact because the droplets shouldn't recombine with one another, otherwise they'd form moisture. The module, which consequently makes a dry mist, is set up on a remote and programmable mobile foundation, and also the decontaminating goods are compatible with the criteria in force. Dispersion evaluations were completed in supermarkets. In fact, we're returning to the source of the Octopus job, since the organization's orientation towards disinfection in poultry buildings has been nearly enforced on us, insufficient to have fulfilled our economy.

Learn more about OctopusRobots Visit link bellow:






Together with Covir we do expect to increase funds and empower faster go to promote surgeries for Octopus Biosafety and its own licences.

Mission Of OctopusRobots

Octopusrobots, a company listed on the stock exchange on Access, registered a patent on February 7, 2017 PCT / FR2017 / 050277 (valid for 20 years i.e. 2037) and is creating a technology for air disinfection (spray) of spaces and surfaces possibly infected by viruses e.g. Covid-19, or bacteria. The worldwide containment measures don't allow to negotiate"face to face" with Asian, Russian, US customers etc... and the funding being quite urgent and important to industrialize fast it had been decided to use digital procedures to strengthen the efficacy of funding implementations and discovering tools and solutions outside conventional monetary systems (banks, funds, etc.) In partnership with COVIR.IO operational pre-financing automobile; Octopusrobots launches the prefinancing of its worldwide portfolio of possible licenses by TOKENIZING ITS LICENSING RIGHTS ON THE TEZOS BLOCKCHAIN.

DECONTAMINATION OF EXTENSIVE BUILDINGS Octopus Biosafety efficiently treats very large volume environments. It can treat oversized premises compare with present aerosol delivery systems.


A robot made to decontaminate equipment and huge buildings like food storage centers and food processing plants, airport terminals, shopping malls and some other public structures. Octopus Biosafety is a portable, smart, completely autonomous and autonomous robot. Its distinctive atomization module provides biocides from aerosolized form (ultramicroscopic particles) while getting from temperature gradients and air circulation problems that can negatively affect disinfection operation. It's a viable remedy to resist Covid-19 from decontaminating public areas. Learn More in

We can also support this project by investing and can help the project to develop the products that they want to be able to fight Corona virus.

IEO Informations

Subscription time (Round 1)2020/07/31 17:00 (GMT+8)
2020/08/07 17:00 (GMT+8)
Subscription time (Round 2)2020/08/10 17:00 (GMT+8)
2020/08/25 17:00 (GMT+8)
Total Token Supply400,000,000 CVR
Tokens Allocated for IEO7,500,000 CVR
Hard Cap$1.5m
Soft Cap$500k

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