On Food Supply Chain Disruptions

in #covid1911 months ago

@taskmaster4450 and @preparedwombat have talked about food supply disruptions in the US. On of the largest processors of pork, Tyson Foods has had problems delivering pork which has become evident in supermarkets across the country. Is this the case everywhere in the US?

My wife and I went to a large supermarket today and I tried to look for signs of delivery problems. The only product not normally on available was bananas.


No bananas


Prepackaged meat products. No shortages.


Bread. Normal so far.


Fruits. Also normal.

I've heard on the news that seasonal farm workers from the Ukraine would not be coming this year because the Ukraine is not going to let them out of the country. That would mean trouble for fruit and vegetable producers. But I heard talks are underway.


Even in Italy the food chain has suffered some damage

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