Covid 19 Tests Sold Worldwide in 2017 and 2018 on World Bank Website. Use Wayback Machine to See

in #covid197 months ago

Yesterday, I saw on the World Bank's World Trade Integrated Solution website that Covid-19 tests were being imported and exported in 2017 and 2018!!

That afternoon, the website was "updated" and no longer says "Covid-19 tests" but "Medical test kits." They covered their tracks saying these were generic tests that could be used later for Covid-19. Ah, so they're using tests which can detect a NOVEL disease two years before it emerged. Gotcha. And don't forget, the tests and the testing numbers are NOT TO BE QUESTIONED.

Many people claimed victory by saying they screenshot the website. But that's not enough. Screenshots can be faked, doctored, et c. They're not that persuasive. But seeing the actual WEBSITE is. Use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to see it as it was yesterday and two days ago when it said "Covid-19 Testing Kits." This video will show you how:

URL now showing "Medical test kits" for the Wayback Machine:

Direct URL from the Wayback Machine showing "Covid-19 Testing Kits"

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