The Muzzle Report August 11, 2020 Walmart

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The Muzzle Report August 11, 2020 Walmart

I went into Walmart today to grab a few supplies. I thought it would be a hassle free experience, as I had read that Walmart does not bother customers who do not degrade themselves with muzzles for safety theater. As they say, that’s why they don’t play the games on paper.

I was wrong.

Walking towards the entrance, I noticed they still had the blue tape cordoning off approaches to the entrance, forcing entrants to walk another 150 feet out of their way so they could only enter in one direction. Practice for the FEMA camps maybe?

I swept under the blue tape, moving past the officious muzzle bouncer as she perkily explained to another customer that

Shopping carts are on the right and they’ve ALL been sanitized.

Inside I felt disgusted. Somebody who is so far gone and proud of how so far gone she was. I walked past her.

She yelled out


I kept walking hoping to just ignore her and be on my way.


She called out again. I continued walking, hoping to be rid of her.

She called out a third time.

You need a mask!

I stopped, turned around and looked her right in the eye while saying

No I do not.

Yelling out to her actually as they were about 30 feet between us.

I have a medical condition so I am exempt from wearing one.

She said something like I need one no matter what to enter the store. I told her again no I do not. I have a medical condition.

What is it?

She asked. This was the first time it escalated that far. She stood with her hands on hips glaring at me.

After working at a supermarket for a couple of months, I knew her type. The coworker with whom I worked who guarded the door was this way too. This person had family in the police department. She backed the blue. She followed the rules.

I called back that I do not need to tell her. And that she’s not allowed to ask. She said she is allowed to ask. I told her,

Well I don’t need to tell you.

As her way of claiming victory she told me that there are people with CANCER in the store, and I was putting them at risk.

This is how broken most peoples brains have become in this land.

I moved quickly out of the situation, as a group of associates had gathered to listen. I pushed my cart past them and looked for my items.

As I was looking, the security “guard“, a young kid about 19 or 20 years old, came to me and told me impatiently that I had to wear a muzzle, that it was private property.

Funny how "private property" is used as an excuse to justify tyranny. I'd love to hear those same people start railing against taxation, being the THEFT of private property. So many champions of private property these days.

I told him again

I am exempt because I have a medical condition. He said it doesn’t matter. I said yes it does.

He looked up to the ceiling in exasperation and walked off quickly.

I was not sure if this signified victory, or simply a brief respite before another escalation, this time potentially from an armed government worker, a cowardly but dangerous order followers, or perhaps even a vicious psychopath.

I have a feeling that I should get my shopping done quickly. However, I still went about my business, asking associates (most of whom had their mask entirely under their nose, breathing freely, God bless them) for directions.

Most of the others were polite. I saw an old man associate look at me and follow me with his gaze.

I left the store, thankfully not through the same entrance. I heard the same dumb door bouncer yell out something along the lines of

You need to wear a mask next time to enter the store.

I ignored her. It would not have done any good and my time is more valuable than that. She yelled out something more but I did not quite understand. I can guess her meaning.

Her voice had the particularly modern American tone which belongs to a “woman” who is decidedly most unfeminine, raspy and trying hard to be tough. She had the body shape of an offensive lineman, without any of the grace. 

She seems like she enjoys her job, as the other one at the grocery store I worked at did. She feels important. She’s keeping people safe. Or so she thinks.

However, she is doing her best with her feeble strength to close the jaws of tyranny around other innocent people. Should that happen, the death toll resulting from what will follow will be far higher and far more gruesome than any virus, real or created in a laboratory.

But she probably won’t make the connection. She doesn’t seem that smart. Just loud, obnoxious, petty and officious. 

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