The Muzzle Report July 26, 2020

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corona be this guy copy.jpg

Went into Whole Foods today for my morning grocery shopping. Yes, I know about Amazon and Jeff Bezos, but in my area they have the freshest produce, which is very important to me.

Today I stood up to the submission theater, and did not don a face diaper or a muzzle. Instead I walked in past the mask bouncer who did not say anything to me. I grabbed my cart, smiled and walked right in.

All was well in the produce department, I grabbed what I needed: Plenty of fresh vegetables for eating and juicing. I do care quite a bit about health.

I do not care about security theater nor participating in any rituals of any cults.

Shopping went well until I asked an associate where the ice cream was. She glowered at my maskless self, before being triggered by my question into "helpful associate" mode.

I felt she wanted to say something and as we were walking, she turned back and pointed to her muzzle saying muffled things which I did not understand clearly, though I was quite sure of what she meant.

"What’s that?" I asked

"Do you have a mask?" She said. "They are required in our stores now."

"Oh, no I don’t," I said. "I am exempt from that." She walked on.

At check out, I shared compassion and empathy for the new cashier who slowly looked up each scan code of the vegetables. I told her it didn’t matter. I was not in a rush.

A bald gentleman with crossed arms and a Whole Foods apron positioned himself near the exit door and was looking at me, but pretending to appear innocuous. As I passed him on my way out of the store he asked, "Do you have a mask?" While putting his hand over his mouth area and moving it up and down. They all do that when they ask if I have a mask. It’s really weird.

I told him no, that I am exempt. He asked if it was a safety or a medical exemption. I paused for a second, thinking what is a safety exemption? This is something I need to look into.

EDIT: This is what a "safety exemption" is.

corona souldier fall.png

Medical, I told him. I had spoken the magic words and he broke off his investigation, turning his head quickly to the other side.

"OK," he said. "Thank you very much."

"Have a good one," I said and exited the store.

Don’t I care about other people?

Of course I do, I care quite a bit. That is why I’m standing up to the mob and being like the guy in this picture. You try standing up to the angry mob some time.

corona be this guy copy.jpg

I do this, because I know history and I know where this is going. It’s not “just a mask." It’s about submission. It’s not about keeping people safe, it’s security theater: The appearance of safety, like the TSA who have a 95% failure rate.

If I were ill, I would stay home. But I am not sick. I am in fine health.

I eat more vegetables in a day than the average American eats in a week. I start my morning with a smoothie of six bananas, 12 ounces of strawberries or blueberries, two dates, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and fresh grown mint leaves.

I exercise my physical body every day, and was asked the other day if I played college basketball. That’s a first for me, so I must be doing something right.

I take time out of my day to exercise my mental body as well. The mind can produce ailments and infirmities just as certainly as any bacteria or contagion. I breathe deeply, affirm, and destress. Do you?

I care about my freedom, and yours as well. That is why I do what I do. Because I know, for certain, that unless this stops now, we won’t be concerned about just "our health."

We will be concerned about our very survival

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